Really peed off!!

Hi ladies just having a rant!! Basically my brother has been dumped by his fiance today and he is devasted!! im so pissed off as yesterday she came over to my parents for xmas and had ??50 worth of pressies of my parents, a lovely necklace of us and ??25 of my gran and she goes and does this today!! My brother has done nothing wrong, he says shes not been 'right' for a couple of weeks but she wouldnt open up to him about what was wrong but turns out shes been doing the dirty on him!!! How can someone do this??? My brother has had this one to him before and suffered really bad depression and im worried he's gonna go thru this all again, mum said he's punching the walls in his room and has made his neck bleed as he keeps pulling on his neck and scratching it!!! My brother can be a bit immature at times but surely he doesn't deserve this, he's always treated her like a princess!


  • oh dear your poor brother! wat a bitch to wait until boxing day after having all thise gifts she should at least return them!
    some people are so bare faced seriously! what a christmas for him! poor bloke x
  • What a total cow. It sounds like he's way better off without her and can find someone lovely who would deserve him treating them so well. Blokes like that are hard to find x
  • sonuds really awful. he's way better off without her, he shouldn waste his time on her its christmas n wot a luvly time to go out n meet people its a festiv period n a perfect time to get ova peeps wit loads of parties, tins to do n peeps to meet
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