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Frankie is starting to look very uncomfortable in her group 0 car seat. We have been looking at one that starts off rear facing then as they get older you turn round but is constantly fixed in the car. The problem is we have a 3 door peugeot. Just wondered if anyone had/has one of these car seats in a 3 door car or is it too awkward?


  • we had one like this for our oldest and at the time had the tree door peugeot. i found that they take up a lot more room when rear facing. not sure if they all do or not but ours you could pull at they bottom so it wasnt so up right, so we put it in facing forward and doe that
  • At the moment i have a teeny tiny KA and have a Maxi Cosi Priori in the back. It fits fine but is a squeeze to get my little girl in and out.
  • Hi Kirsty - how much does lo weigh - at 9kg he can go forward facing.

    We have one of those front or rear facing ones and the problem is that the seat belt gets in the way of putting lo in, we have a four door, I have to say I can't imagine how you would do it in a three door.

    Best thing would be to get to Mothercare or Halfords and try one.

    Another option might be to see if the seat will fit backwards in the front seat and then forwards in the back when lo is big enough?

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  • hey hun, you've seen the britax one we have. that faces back then forwards. its very big when facing backwards and i can imagine you would have to get in the back of the car and sit down with frankie then put her in it. it def would not be an option to unbuckle it and spin it round every time you put her in.
    i have seen some on a pivot but im quite sure they are VERY expensive.
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