I need some Xmas ideas

Frankie will be 2 months old at xmas and we have no idea what to get her! My mum is buying her toys. My MIL and nan both went and bought her a xmas dress so we cant get that. MIL is also buying her a door bouncer and some toys. They all seem to be being quite secretive which isnt really fair as we are her parents and even though she doesnt understand it i dont want her ending up with lots of similar stuff. I dont even know what these xmas dresses look like yet and gather im not going to until xmas day.

Please help! Any ideas would be great. We dont want to spend a fortune but would like at least one thing that can be a keepsake of her first xmas.


  • how about a nice teddy or comforter? a teddy could be a keepsake.
  • What about getting her a photography session and getting some photos taken,

    or you could get her something like mummy and me swimtots, they have them from birth.. might be a nice something to do with each other.

  • i think with her being so so little there isnt much point in splashing out or buying lots. especially if she's going to be getting toys off others.

    A nice idea would be a keepsake. Perhaps something like a bauble for the tree, a really special one which says "first christmas". my mum got one made for my brother and i with our names on for our 1st xmas's.

    That would be something she could get out every year and hang on the tree herself. lovely! XXX
  • we're not really getting anything for JJ cuz he's too young to understand and he'll be getting plenty off everyone including us in the next year or so, we've got a few little toys for when he's like 6 months but nothing special, we have asked people for money for him cuz we're gunna buy him a Jumperoo in the sales but then he'll get more presents just after xmas cuz it's his christening on the 11th Jan...we really don't need to buy him anything lol x
  • James' 1st birthday in Feb, but as he's being completely spoilt by everyone for Christmas. I've asked for his birthday to have money so we can buy a family pass to Farmer Palmers - a local farm park. A couple of our 'baby' friends are doing the same so we can all go together. We were given money when he was born, that I used for his swimming lessons - a vital life skill I think!!
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