Feeling so broody!

Frankie is only 3 weeks old but i have never felt so broody in my life! We dont plan on having any more for at least 2 years but i cant shake this broodiness. Im starting to feel jealous of people who are pregnant. I hated being pregnant - it really did not agree with me - but i would love to be pregnant again now.

Am i insane? Has anyone else felt like this so soon after having a baby?


  • Can't really comment as I certainly wasn't broody after having Poppy and I'm still not now!!!
    It's probably just hormones playing havoc with you!!
    I do think you're insane though, but in a nice way of course!!!
  • Hi

    I was really really broody for about 5 or 6 weeks after Isaac was born, he is 16 weeks now and it has faded, i would still like another one day, but can now wait a while.
  • this is exactly how i felt, didn't really enjoy being pregnant but felt a great loss when i had Ellis because i no longer had my bump and felt now i had to share him with people and it really bothered me, my sister got pregnant after i had Ellis and i was so jealous- that feeling didn't really go away, now i'm 5+4 weeks preg!!!
    My lo is 11 months now!
  • oh after i had lennon i was all ready to do it again,i was broody and so horney sorry tmi lol give it a few weeks yet,the novilty wore off soon lol

    lennons now 17 months,born june 07 and we have been trying for no2 since july no BFP yet but i still think were a bit mad trying with him so soon but i'm broody again lol
  • Yep I had that up until Violet was 12 weeks old, then I decided a pony was a better option...then just as pony was organised I was pregnant again! Violet is 1 on Monday and I am due in the next 4 weeks! But I felt really broody all the way through my pregnancy with Violet and knew deep down we would have another. But this is it now - a 5th is no way on the cards and if I have to have a section as this one is breech then they can tie my tubes at the same time

    But go for it! image
  • yup, been there...still there lol! i'd quite happily have quads right now :lol: hehe x
  • omg i feel exactly the same my little boy is also 3 weeks and i really miss being pregnant and i am so broody image

  • I have yet to feel broody, but Evie is only a week old. I can't imagine life without her now and feel like i don't want to go back to work ever i think i'd be happy staying at home with her all the time xxx


  • I can totally relate. I felt as if i were in mourning of my pregnancy. My lo is 8 months now & i have only just come to the point where i can handle the idea of not being pregnant again for a year or so. I just felt that it all ended so suddenly, one minute you're pregnant the next it's over! Obvious i know but hard to come to terms with. As per other posts i did not have the easiest of pregnancies but it did not stop me feeling like this. It was when i came to the realisation that i wanted to be pregnant again more than i actually wanted to have another baby that i knew i was not ready and would just have to wait.
  • I didn't think I would want another but I really do. Hubby wants to wait as he wants Lily to have all our attention while she is still a baby, but I would happily have one now. I think we will start to try next June/July when Lily is one.
  • not ready for a fourth yet but fairy dust to all those trying lets see some bfps soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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