crying and not wanting to nap

my son sleeps pretty well over night but in the day he will not nap longer than 20 mins unless out in pram, he screams for ages up to an hour before finally giving in and going to sleep, its as if he is fighting going to sleep, he is 8 wks olld


  • We still have this and she is 18wks old!! Twice tonight before bed I put her down to nap as she was rubbing her eyes and pulling at her face, she just lay there chatting to herself and then got upset when no-one was talking back to her! She is asleep now though thankfully....

    We have this battle everyday though, yesterday I wrapped her up in the sling and went out for a walk and she was soon away but then I had to keep walking cause she'd have woke up image

    No advice but you have my sympathies
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