Is my baby teething?

My lo is 19 weeks (approx 4 1/2 months). Recently she's been displaying symptoms that I think is teething. After speaking to a few people, inc my HV they said it is too early, so now I don't know what to think!:\?

Symptoms include:
Lots of dribbling
Chewing/gnawing/sucking on things like her t-shirt, comforter & a teething ring!
rubbing my finger on her gums when I put it in her mouth
Bit of nappy rash
Snotty/snuffly nose
she's had red cheeks but only once though
refusing milk sometimes and not always taking as much
chewing on teat of bottle instead of sucking!

She doesn't seem very irritable, and seems to be ok at night so I don't think she's in any pain. I did put a bit of Calgel on her gums today just in case as she would not have her milk - )just kept chewing on teat instead)!. When I did I noticed that on her gums on bottom at the front it looks white as if there are teeth ready to come through.

I'm sure she's teething but with most people saying she's not it's a bit confusing. What do any of you think?


  • Sounds like your lo def can be teething and defingately not too early!! my boy was 15 weeks when he got his first tooth! x
  • my hv told me just yesterday that babies start to teeth at anything from 16 week sometimes earlier, it sounds like your baby is teething. i had no idea that mine was until hv told me to look at the TOP of harris top gums and there they were 6 very white bumps under the gum harri is 23 weeks. all this too early stuff is a load of
  • That sure sounds like teething - some of the advice HV's give you is such rubbish! They also told me that lo's gums would go red and sore, well Morgana is having a horrid time teething with everything from constant screaming to runny bottom, but the one thing she never had was red gums - go figure.
    Oh and if you want to hear the (in my opinion) dumbest advice given by a HV it was to make babies formula with Evian water when abroad. Well it sounds sensible, until you know that the wild and exotic country we were talking about was Germany (where I'm from and my mother still lives) - yeah right, I'm gonna tell my mum her water is so dirty in the 3rd world country she's living in that I can't make my daughter's bottle with it.
    Oh and sorry for the thread hijack, but everytime I hear daft things HV's come up with this comes back to memory.
  • ccbmummy your baby sounds like mine! Thanks for posting this, I was starting to wonder if Neve was beginning to teeth.
  • my daughter cut her first tooth at 12 weeks
  • my daughter is displaying all those symptoms and has been for 2 weeeks she is 14 weeks now. God im sorry but most hvs get on my nerves my hv said exactly the same thing the one thing my lo hasnt got is red gums but she clearly clamps down on myfinger and when she is crying this stops her. I have been using bonjella and calpol this week
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