black out blinds

what are your thoughts???

i worked my ass off to get ds2 into a decent sleep routine but i think a combination of him being in his own room and the fact he has been wakened soooooooo much when sleeping by builders out the back and a dog nearby when he stirs from a sleep (about 45 mins) he wakes up whereas he used to go back over - was thinking blackout blinds may remove the room stimulation but didn't get these at the start as wanted him to be able to sleep when its light too????

aaaahhhh decisions, decisions these babies keep us busy dont they!!!


  • lol this is my issue - what if he wont sleep unless its dark!!!! might throw a blanket up against the window at nap time and see how that goes, hes fine going down at night too but dont want to ruin this lol supposeat winter they go down in the dark and have to readjust in the summer

  • I made make shift black out blinds (bin bags on window) with blackout roller blind on top (the light still came around the sides)

    LO goes to sleep fine for naps and to bed fine with light but he will wake up when the we gave in for this. You can get the travel ones you could put up and if you know that the builders etc are going to be around etc then you could use it as a little extra help, and handy for taking away etc

  • ooohh didn't know there are travel ones??!! where can you get these and thanks for the tip xx hes awake now after 35 mins all my f**king 2 hour walks and the builders wreck it in a week gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
  • I may not have put our travel blackout blind up properly or something. But all the suction cups don't stick, and it isn't actually long enough for our window width! Plus the light comes round the sides and top.

    I found this

    Which we have bought now, just haven't put up. It is another option for you. But I'm not sure the best solution is a properly fitted roller blind or curtains. xx
  • aw thanks girls investigations under way xx
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