Anyone got an astra?

Just wondering if anyone has a vauxhall astra (slightly older model, 98-2004) and what car seat you have? this car is terrible for buckle crunch! wish i knew this before i bought it!


  • we have a V reg & use a maxi cosi cabriofix for our newborn. havent looked into seats for older babies yet xxx
  • Have you tried a Concord seat? We have a Concord Ultimax which is the 0/1 one, when it was fitted the girl was a bit concerned about buckle crunch as apparantly my car (BMW 1 series) has really long buckles but once it was in it was fine.

    Zoey, Buckle crunch only really effects group 1 seats. Basically it is when the seat belt buckle is too long and ends up squashed against the seat where the belt feeds through. In an accident the weight of the seat can open the buckle, meaning that the car seat isn't secured in the car.
  • Hi Nic,

    We had an Astra up until about 6 months ago when we changed to a Picasso and we always used a Britax with Abigail & had no problems x
  • We have an Astra (98) Sreg. I really wanted to get maxi cosi priory but couldnt because of the buckle crunch. We ended up getting a Britax Rennaisance in the end. Mind you I dont think they make them ne more, this was 3 years ago. If you go on the Britax website it will tell you which of their seats are suitable in all different makes of car, we found it really useful. Good luck hun x x x x
  • I've got a britax first class but it seems to be the only one out there and with thinking of no 2 i just wondered what everyone else had coz theres no point in buying another first class when lucas will prob be growing out of it by the time the baby is here and will need a seat that does 9kg-36kg for lucas so the new baby can have the first class.

    I tried the concord ultimax but got buckle crunch.

    I'm mainly just nosy lol! My hubby said that i was wrong that britax seats were the only ones that fit so it looks like im still winning this arguement!
  • hmm yeah we had one until last week. had the mamas and papas primo viagio until we got it checked and was buckle crunch. I bought the britax first class si and love it cos bought a smaller buggy aswell so no need for the travel system. Not sure on the older ones but if you stick to britax then i think you should be fine x
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