You know what i'm on about. lol

My god! is this the most annoying game or what??? lol

My niece got it for christmas and when i went over i could not put it down which ended in me getting one to play at home. lol. I feel so sorry for my oh and kiddies because if they make one noise while i'm trying to do it and i flick instead of bop i hit the roof. lol. The other day i was having a go and when it was game over Ethan popped up from behind the door and saying that he was very quiet. lol. Bless, how mean have i been to get him jumping up whenever its game over and saying it wasn't him. lol. He makes me look like i bop it, twist it, spin it, flick it, and pull it on his head. lol.

If you haven't got one or played one you really have to they are soooo fun!

Its just like a simon says game but you pull and do the rest instead of press a button. Very addictive though. lol

Lisa xxxx (ex bringiton)


  • i think they are very annoying! lol only coz i cant do it! i cant believe they are still about i had one when i was a teenager! they are really popular! ur poor kids and OH! bless em! 2nd place to bop it! lol! xx
  • We got one last Xmas and my sil and mil both went out and brought one for themselves after.We all got really competetive with them.

    I have now banished ours though as dd beat me!!

  • oh dont talk to me about this, i have one and had a high score on it then my friend played it when the batteries where going and it was like "boooopppppp iiiiiiittttttt" so she got a really high score and i have never been able to beat it so its now at the bottom of the wardrobe where it got thrown in frustration!! haha! big kids really arent we!!
  • Its far too addictive! There should be a warning on them!! :lol:

    I love bop it!!

  • Its far too addictive! There should be a warning on them!! :lol:

    I love bop it!!

  • We had one of those at work! I think one of the guys I worked with hid the batteries in the end because he couldn't beat my high score :lol:
  • its mad how addictive they are isn't it? lol

    This piece of equipment has also caused silly petty arguements because i'd be playing and oh would say one thing when it was the other so i got it wrong then i'd get the face on and tell him off and he'd have a go back saying its just a game and so on and so on. lol

    I just can't get enough of it though. Its the best thing i've had since my lights out game. lol

    Lisa xxx

  • :lol: I love it, it is soooo addictive, my sister had one and I beat his high score so he spent hours beating my score then every time i used it he would bop it when you werent supposed to so I couldnt beat him. this of course made me go and buy my own and I got to 250 which is the highest you can get on ours (its the version 1). now I have read this thread I think I'm going to dig it out and have a bop it evening
  • Oh, they're soooo addictive! One of my family had one last Xmas, I can't remember who! But we were all taking turns, it's really antisocial because as you say you don't want anyone else to make any noise while you are playing. I saw one in the shops before xmas and was very tempted, but managed to hold out!
  • Its like a simon says game. It will tel you to do a certain thing like spin it and you have to spin the wheel. Then it might say bop it and you have to press the big button in the middle. Its very addictive. If you've played simon says and like that you will love this.

    Lisa xxx

    Check it out on the argos site or ebay.
  • ahhh i hate it!! yet its so addictive lol x
  • lol - have you tried it on beat bop? thats funny xx
  • I prefer it on beat bop, I get put off when it says what to do, I am better with just the sounds.
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