Buggy Snuggles

OK, I know we had a thread regarding these recently but couldn't find it and think my question is different anyway.

I have decided I NEED one of these (I have a black bugaboo cameleon footmuff - gorgeous and quilty but feel the need for some colour!)

I spent AGES looking at them all (definately one of lifes procrastinators!) and decided on the red (or possibly blue :rollimage sheep.

Does anyone know: 1) are these ones waterproof - I am sure I saw a site that said they were but can't find it now!; 2) do I need a waterproof one (surely if it rains I just put on the rain cover??? and 3) anyone know the cheapest place for these at the mo?

Many thanks



  • The Navy sheep one is reduced on the buggy snuggle website
    Those ones aren't waterproof I don't think, although fleece is normally slightly water resistant so they'd be alright in a light shower. I don't think you really need a waterproof one, I had exactly the same conversation with oh before I ordered ours yesterday!!
  • Thanks Bedhead! You always seem to be able to answer my questions!

    I did see that the blue one was reduced ... and my lo does look good in blue (my lo has bue eyes!) but I do like the red. Just do I like it ??10 more ... ???

    Do you have the Bugaboo Cameleon footmuff as well? I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or just put it on ebay?
  • I have the chameloen one as well and tbh we are still using it. The buggy snuggle is for the Phil and Ted's as the one we had with that is too small for my fat lad. Was just thinking though that the new one would look very nice on the Chamelon, I have the denim pushchair and we've ordered the denim buggy snuggle that's reduced (I'm a cheepskate lol) so it would match beautifully, hmmm, I can see myself swapping it from one pushchair to the other lol
  • Adventure baby have the red one for a similar price http://adventurebaby.co.uk/red-sheep-1123-0.html That's the cheapest I can find for that one though.
  • hi wildkat, a bit cheeky but if you do decide to put it on ebay give me a shout. im having no luck at the minute.

    clare x
  • Hmmm ... just asked my hubby which he prefered and he just looked shocked at the sheep lol! He said can't you get them in plain, in fact don't we have one in black? La-di-da ....

    Need to make the decision on my own then ...!

  • Is it definitely black you want Clare? As well as the red one that we are using I've got a pink chameleon one that is going on Ebay as soon as I get round to it, it's really not Barney's colour!! :lol:
  • Thanks Bedhead. I always get blue (for me and lo) - oh, except for the red Boden duffle coat I've ordered for him. Must be going through my red period :\)
  • Hi

    I bought a cow print one (and matching hats) from jellybabys.co.uk. I only bought it the other day so haven't received it yet but someone in toddler recommended the site. They had got theirs from there and it was the cheapest I could find them. The cow print one is about ??55 on most sites but it was ??43.90 on jellybabys. I don't know if they have the sheep one though.
  • Thanks teenytiny - I will go and have a look ...

  • Hi, It was me that bought my buggy snuggle from jellybabys.

    I bought a waterproof one. I also have a bugabo and sometimes find it marks easily so thought a waterproof one would be easy to wipe clean of sticky fingers etc.
    It's plain black waterproof but black and white fleecy on inside.

    Was the cheapest I could find and it came in 5 days. Postage included it was ??42. Suz x
  • Sorry Suz my memory is terrible - but thanks for the recommendation. Can't wait to receive mine.
  • I am only posting this as you are talking about a product that I sell so please dont think I am cheeky image

    If you become a fan on on my facebook page you get 10% off your first order and free delivery (normally ??4.95 if not a fan)

    Feel free to have a look and email with any questions (or on here).


    Ruth x

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  • Oooohhhhh, I didn't realise that was you!!! I hadn't put the names together at all :lol: I emailed you about the orangatan! I haven't forgotten, will be getting back to you in a week or so to order it image
  • oooh i didnt know it was you either :lol:

    just to let you know the other zoobies are cheaper than the orangutan (my son has a baby one and loves it image )

  • I know the others are cheaper, unfortunately the minute we saw that one we knew it was the one we had to have lol. Barney is really, really cuddly and has a soft spot for any sort of teddy with long hair so it has to be that one!!
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