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Have alao posted on weaning! How did you decide which fomula milk to use? Just about to start weaning after breastfeeding and finding it difficult to make a decision! LO had top up feeds of aptamil in hospital in the first few days so have thought about that as he's had it before, but alot of friends have used Cow and Gate, and SMA is also popular! Seems like such a silly thing to worry about but I feel like its really important to make the rght one!! Help!


  • We ff from the beginning and have always used aptimal, the MW reccommended this as well, she said this is what she used after weaning her children off the breast she said that it was the closest formula to breast milk xx
  • I'm sure they're all much of a muchness, but I use Aptamil. I tried SMA for a few days (as my hubby bought masses of it on a trip to Costco :lol: ) but LO was constipated the next day so I havent used it since.

    My HV didn't indicate a preferred brand, but did say to stick to the same one once you've made a choice (assuming there are no problems) - seems sensible.

    Good luck - hope it goes well :\)
  • We FF and she's always been on Aptamil. It was the one I wanted to use as it's nearer to breastmilk. Plus, I've heard SMA causes constipation!
    We've had no problems on Aptamil, she's 9 months now and is on Follow On x
  • I use aptamil on the rare occassion that I have not expressed enough breast milk. I have also heard it is the closest to breastmilk by a few health professionals x

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  • Thanks for all your replies! I think we will go with aptamil. In hospital I asked for SMA as that was the brand I was most familiar with but the MW said they recommended aptamil as it was the closest to breastmilk, as several of you have also said x
  • Defiantely Aptamil, sma made mine constipated too!
  • We used SMA for a couple of weeks but it made my son really constipated and windy, so we changed to Aptamil and found it great
  • we started on sma and have just changed to cow & gate as sma wouldn't stay down and was also making dd constipated
  • We started off on aptamil but she got terrible tummy ache so we switched to Cow and Gate and we are still on it.
  • Hello!I have fed both my girls cow and gate, when I first switched to formula with dd1 I brought a small carton of each to try over a week to see which was better for her SMA made her constipated both Aptamil and C&G were fine. My hv then told me that C&G was actually made same company as Aptamil and they were bringing it up the same standard and so this sold it for me as Aptamil is ??1 sometimes ??2 more expensive so we have always gone for C&G- that was two years ago and my hv told me about 3 weeks ago that C&G is now exactly the same as Aptimal image
  • Lol we seem to be the other way round to the majority. I started DS on aptamil after bf as I'd heard it was the closest to bm but he reacted badly to it, shocking belly ache and an awful facial rash! We switched to SMA and he thrived on it. When DD switched to formula it was straight onto SMA and she was fine with it. Maybe try the ready made cartons for a few days and see how LO takes to whatever brand you decide on, less expensive than a big tub if it doesn't agree.
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