13month old diet??

we are booking our summer holiday, when we go Luke will be 13months old and we were wondering whether he will still be drinking formula milk and will he be eating much the same as us as in the texture or will it still be mashed at 13months???


  • Hi,

    My lo is 13 months. As for formula it really depends on the child, if they are putting on weight well and eat a good varied diet then cows milk is fine. We are just finishing our last tub of formula then she'll be onto cows milk - I only didn't change from 12 months because she had an awful cold and went off her food so at least with the formula I knew she was getting everything she needed. Food wise she eats the same as us in the main, her food is just cut up smaller - can't believe how well she can chew with only 5 teeth! xx
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