1st mothers day?

If this is your first mothers day (or not) are you planning anything or just hoping for some surprises??!!

It is my (40th!!!) birthday the day before, so hopefully lots of special treats coming my way though all I really want is a lie in - or maybe two.

PS Can't believe I am so old already! Still think I am about 30 but that is another story


  • It's my first mothers day as well.... I tell my hubby nearly everyday the date so he doesn't forget!! Not sure what we will be doing, it'll be upto him tho so it'd better be good! I have lots of lovely ideas already for fathers day image
  • lol! oh a double celebration for you! congrats!
    we have nothing planned that i know of, my oh doesnt believe in getting cards for any event so i have warned him if i dont get one i will NOT be pleased!! lol!
    iv seen some boots i want so i may ask for them for mothers day...though if he doesnt buy them for me im going to get them anyway! hehe!
  • it's my 1st mother's day too. my mum, auntie and I are spending the day together but seeing as i'm not with my LO's dad i will just enjoy the day with her and no pressies! xx
  • Its my birthday on Mothers day so really excited, not sure what we r doing.
  • It's my first mothers day too. not sure that oh has anything planned as he's signing at the cathedral in the afternoon. He has the date in his diary but that doesn't mean much. He tends to be an 'I ran out of time' kind of bloke so he's most likely to run out and buy a card on the day. I'm hoping for some flowers but as I was promised some for valentines day but didn't get any, I'm not going to expect much.

    Here's hoping I am wrong!
  • If you want something for mothers day I would be blatantly obvious and say so as blokes just don't get it!

    It was my 1st last year adn I didn't want anything other than a card and I didn't even get that and hubbie didn't get why I was upset so this year I need to decide if I want something and therefore tell him what (well WHAT is the point in that) or just accept he is crap at these things and just wait till Max starts school and get one he has made - actually I bet his nursery will make one with him - FAB!
  • hey,

    my eternity ring that I got for valentines day is supposed to be for mothers day too, though it was too small and they had to order another one so i'm hoping that I might actually have it by then!

    I've told my dh that I want a card and a little present with mummy on it!

    I dont know what we're doing yet but last year my mum had to go out with her oh and his mum so i've booked her already to do something together and with my nan too.
  • If i get a card that i don't actually have to buy myself i will be happy! My hubby always gets cards but usually on the morning of or the night before when it's needed - he'll suddenly say he needs to go to Tesco for no reason and i know he's only just remembered! I've asked for a 'mummy' mug, because he has a 'daddy' one but apart from that i'm not fussed - would be nice to not have my first one forgotten though x
  • This will be my second but my oh is away on a stag do all weekend!! All the mummies that are left behind while the men go playing in Prague are going out for lunch together so that'll be nice!
    Not sure about pressies - I'm sure I'll get something but who knows?!
  • I have absolutely no idea what we are doing. Think oh is probably working :lol: This will be my third, on the first he got up with Millie and then brought her back up about an hour later, wearing a t'shirt that said "I've got a yummy mummy" with a card and a flower in her hand, they also bought me a big Radley overnight back that I wanted.
    This year I have arranged my own present :lol: my mum and dad bought me a spa voucher for my birthday so I've paid for some extra treatments and I'm going the week before mothers day.
  • Its my 1st too, i have to keep reminding hubby as he tends to forget.
    We are going out for a meal with my mum and gran which should be nice. I have hinted at a few things i like ;\) so hopefully he will take note lol

    louise xx
  • I spoilt hubby a bit too much with first fathers day!
    I didnt get a Christmas card but a homemade one the night before from both of them. I got him a first daddy Christmas one! Wished I brought the first mummy Christmas one! I have told my sister I would really like the 1st mummy mothers day. So she will be hinting to oh, and will buy it on his behalf if needs be!
    Men hey! Oh and I doubt il get a present although flowers would be nice hmmmm....*watch this space me thinks*!
  • Well it's our first and as I don't have a Mum it's going to be extra special as normally we don't do anything. I keep saying to oh 'don't forget the 22nd' and 'you do know places get booked up months in advance for MD' but we'll wait and see. All I'd really like is a lovely card that I can keep like a proper softie! I can not wait as it will be 20 something years since I last celebrated Mother's Day x
  • This will be my 2nd and I've already been dropping lots of hints!
    Last year my oh cooked me a lovely meal and whilst lo was napping (only 2 months at the time - gosh time does fly) we watched the DVD he bought me (Stardust - mainly bought cos I loved Rule The World by Take That).
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