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Sterilising bottles - help! (also in Bottlefeeding Chat)


I have bought a microwave steam steriliser in case I need to FF baby (due on Thursday!!)

Although the instructions are very clear, I am clueless about what I can/can't do with the bottles once they have been sterilised, so I was hoping you ladies could help! image

As I'll be using ready made cartons for the first wee while, I'll not want to fill all my recently sterilised bottles with cooled boiled water (which seems to be the main bit of advice given).

I was therefore wondering...

How long will bottles stay sterile once removed from the steriliser?
Do I dry them with something? Or just leave them to air dry?
How do I store them? With teats on or off?

As you can tell, I am totally clueless when it comes to these things...

Thank you!

Cath x


  • Hi hon
    Honestly, I was exaclty the same and the instructions are pretty useless!
    We do as follows:
    Sterilise all bottles.teets etc. Once sterilised, we place the cap/teet/lid on the bottles and they stay sterile for 24 hours as long as the lids are kept on. We do fill them with boiling water but only so that it can be cooling (we do this with 4 bottles and heat them up when we need them).
    Don't worry about drying them as that will make them unsterile. They do look wet but don't worry, just put the teets/lids on the bottles and leave them with the small water droplets, it won't hurt little one.
    Oh and store with teets on, I do and it's absolutely fine.
    When you do eventually start filling them with boiled water, that water will only last 24 hours.
    Not long to go chick!
  • Once sterilised bottles can be kept for 24hrs - i always kept mine in fridge which was recommended to me. Teats can be on bottles so all stay sterile together. Dont dry, they dry abit in steriliser anyway whilst cooling and any water in bottle is sterile anyway. I never put water in before - i always made them fresh but you will find what suits you best once you start doing it all. I also used the cartons and they were great for hosp, i think they las 24hrs once opened so make sure you get the smaller ones as you wont use much more than 30ml to start.

    I dont know if youve seen them but SMA and C&G so read made milk in bottles which is what the hospitals use (if you are using this formula). Il defo use these next time, just whilst im in hosp as it saves you sterilising bottles when you are in there.

    Good luck x
  • Thank you ladies!! It's good to know I don't need to worry about drying them and that the little drops of water wont do any harm.

    I think I just need Baby to arrive now so I get on with things and stop obsessing!!

    Cath x
  • Can anyone help with the powder pots? If they don't dry the powder sticks to them, meaning that when you pour into the water you are not getting the full amount that you've measured out?? 

    Thank you 

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