Anyone got a Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe?

Hi girls

I ordered one of these from Mothercare. I got the small size as it is supposedly for 7-14lbs and my son (6 weeks) is only 10lbs. But when it arrived it was tiny and I couldn't get it around him at all!!

Before I spend more money getting the large size can anyone tell me if they're any good? I have a couple of the Miracle Blankets and they are fantastic but don't have fasteners and Toby sometimes gets a leg or arm out so I thought this might be even better.

C image


  • Hi, i have a large one of these in blue that my LO never used. I would be more than happy to send it to you as i was just about to get rid of it. Email me your details if you are interested.

  • Wow that's really kind of you - will email my address. If you reply with your bank details I can give you some cash for the swaddle and postage etc.


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