Why is she waking up

Evie has had a good betime routine since 6wks old, it only chaged when she was going through a growth spurt anyway for the past week and a half she has been waking up several times a night and has now started being ready to get up at 5am, does anyone know why she might be doing this thanks xxxx


  • No advice but just to say you are not alone, hayden has been doing the same thing too, i am getting to the opint of tired ness that i am shouting at him for crying!!! Poor wee fella. I have to actually tel myself outloud not to shout.
  • omg its a conspiracy the babies are all in on it together lol. sorry lack of sleep. i think i'll be mean mummy today and keep her up most of the day and see if she sleeps
  • just had a thought has there been a full moon lately!!!??? lol
  • wandr whats worse morning breth or dog breath!!lol
  • Is she cold when she wakes up? Frankie went through a habit of waking at 4/5 and i found by having the heating come on a bit earlier she slept through.
  • Hey,
    Alfie is 7 and half months and we went through a phase of waking up at stupid-early-o-clock and it drove us mental and then he just seemed to stop. Maybe its a phase they all go through. Think he was about 3 or 4 months old maybe? Feels like forever ago but it does stop honest! x
  • It's because they love us so much they can't go through the night without seeing us!?! Or in Archie's case it's because he's starving at 5am.....
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