If you could change on thing about you other half?

If you could change on thing about you other half what would you change? x


  • He's ability to temp me to eat fatty crap cake sausage biscuit flapjack burger type stuff when I being 'good' xx
  • Hi

    I think it would be to stop him snoring in bed.

  • The way he's so damn impatient and moody all the time.
    Other than that I wouldn't change anything - I still think he's sexy after 2.5 yrs! x
  • um...i dont think id actually change any part of my oh otherwise it wouldnt be him, as much as some things he does annoy me...its not so bad xxx
  • His ex-wife!!! Every time!!! hahaha!! xx
  • snoring, and while I was there I would have him implanted with a chip that made him buy me jewellery everytime I said the words "hogglepoggle".
  • Only thing I would change would be his snoring. Apart from that nothing!! He's fine the way he is!!

  • His ex-wife!!! Every time!!! hahaha!! xx

    Ha ha ha I would say the same thing!!!! Although they were never married she is the mother of his daughter and cause no end of trouble!!! xxxxx
  • Oh and I'd change me OH's MIL. She rigns nearly every night with some gossip from somewhere. 'Did you know that so and so did this'? Or 'Did you hear about......................'? I DONT BLOODY CARE!!! Get a life ffs! She whinges about money....stop ringing us then and you migh save some image

    Mini rant over!!

  • the only thing i'd change is.... the fact is he so level headed and logical! I know that sounds silly but sometimes i want him to over react and be irrational about something!

    hmm but then again maybe i over react enough for both of us!!!


  • His snoring and his job!
  • His snoring, always forgets to take the rubbish out and put lids back on anything!! Apart from that, he's perfect! x
  • His stinky feet!! Other than that he's not a bad egg!!
    I also have to leave clothes for Poppy out when he has to dress her otherwise she ends up looking like a clown!
  • lol at ollie n getting ruby dressed, ray is good at choosing outfits n his fashion is good.

    he has a few bad habits, but the worst is thats he is so damn sarcasitic and patronising i mostly laugh but sometimes oooo but apart from that he's great x
  • Maybe that he was a little taller, he's 5ft 10, but as I'm 5ft 8 and love my heels... well... but other than that he can't be too bad otherwise we wouldn't have been together over 8 years!
  • there are a few things i would change about martin but nothing big

    1. would before be his farting

    2. would be that when he cooks he need to be told all the time just how good the meal is, he has only cooked about 5 times in the 8+ years we have been togeather but it drives me mad, he cooked last night and sat watching me intill i had tried it. (it was good but needed a lot more garlic which i told him and he went in a huff, im sorry i like my lasagna with a lot of garlic in it)
    Now i cook every single night, some days i spend hours cooking his fav fish pie can take up to 3 hours to make and do i sit watching him eat and then expect praise for it NO! so why the hell should he

    3. he is to much of a soft touch with the kids.
    like at night i get them all changed, teeth brushed and into bed, now the older two have started messing about most nights at bed time and play in there rooms which eventualy spills out into the hall and before you know it they are in our room, now while im telling them to go to bed and being stern about it, he is all gogo eyed and saying thing like aww but look at them, they are just so cute then he drags them into bed for suddles and tickles. Now dont get me wrong i love that he is like this with the kids but it needs to be during the day hes not the one that has to fight with them in the morning to get them out of bed so we can get justin to school on time.
    during the week he never tells them off no matter what they do, he says its because he only sees them for about an hour each night by the time he gets in from work and he dosnt want to spend it telling them of and them being upset so im left to be the bad one as the behaivour cant go up checked
  • i'd have to say feet too...or just that he changes his socks when he comes in from work...thats the only time his feet smell cuz obv he's had boots on all day...arghhhh it's making me feel sick just thinking about it lol i couldn't eat my tea last night, i had to ask him to change his socks lol! x
  • I would say the rubbish, he always forgets to take it down, and leaving lids off butter etc x
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