fisher price jumparoo

just wondering if any one has one and what they are like?:\?


  • We bought one for Morgana and it was some of the best money we spent on her. She absolutely loves it and she's happy to stay in it for ages. We bought it cause I couldnt put her in the door bouncer on my own and the first time we put her in the jumparoo she squealed with delight and she still does so 2 months later. She jumps around like mad and all the little things around the seat keep her entertained for ages.
  • how old was she when she first went in it?
    jayden is 3months on sat and i think hes ready for it now.
  • Hi, we got our lo a jumperoo for christmas when she was 6mnths old and she loved it. She's 1 now and i think she's too big for it as she bounces like mad in it and i'm worried it will tip over, what age is it supposed to be upto?
  • Thanks for that, that means she should still be ok in it then
  • Poppy has one and I agree that they're fab!! The best money I've spent on her so far! The activity toys keep her occupied for ages and she bounces like a nutter in it!! I can't recommend one enough!!
  • We got one too and Ellie loves it, she jumps around like mad and laughs at herself. I even manage to feed her in it when she is quiet, she wriggles too much in her high chair at the moment. We just love watching her in it too.
    Great value for money
  • my daughter has 1 and she loves it too, they are well worth the money!
    Caz x x
  • are they a lot better than door bouncers?
  • My friend recently gifted me one and I Arvaan just loves it too! I do worry that it will not harm his joints / leg / muscle development , but apparently it does not. Someone even said it apparently strengthens their muscles... which sounds great. I think they seem more safe that door bouncers.. and definitely safer than walkers I gather..
  • Anyone that has one how long do they last?my lo is 16lb if i got her one now would it last a while? thanks
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