Weaning Question Yet Again !!

Sorry for yet another question but I really feel out of my depth with the weaning stuff !!

I've started Charlotte back on breakfast after a months break from weaning as she just didnt seem interested in her morning bottle until after she had eaten. It is the only meal thus far she has and she has 5 bottles taking between 4ozs and 6ozs each time.

The breakfast us usually a fruity porridge/ceral or this morning she had a jar. She hates anything sort of creamy like creamy porridge, baby rice etc.

My question is I am worried that she will be eating too much if she's having a meal in addition to her usual milk. She has dropped one bottle as her feeds have spaced from 3 hourly to closer to 4 hourly (she used to have 6 bottles) but i dont know should I just keep giving meals and bottles until she drops them herself ? What if I make her overweight ???

Also when do I start on a second meal and what sort of food should I try then ? Should I do the second meal as lunch of dinner ??

I'm so confused !! Out of all the baby stuff the weaning process is the one that has me completly stumped !


  • Your not on your own. I started weaning my lo at 5months on the advice from doctor - She has rapidly gained weight from birth. She was having 5 x 8oz bottles a day and grizzling after each feed as she was still hungry. She is coming up for 6 months and is now on 3 meals a day. She has the following
    8am prridge or friut then 3oz milk
    10.30 5 oz milk
    12.30 veg puree (approx 2 tbsp) and about 1 tbsp of fruit puree
    2.30 5oz milk
    5pm veg puree (2tbsp spoon) then muller litte star yoghurt
    7.30 9oz milk then bed

    I only gave her breakfast for about 3/4 weeks to get used to it then introuduced veg puree for lunch for about 1 week then we've just started dinner. To start with I gave solid and milk in one feed but have since split to give her little but often. She now has far more energy!!
    If your lo has already dropped 1 bottle then I wouldn't worry about over feeding as the same with more than likely happen when you introduce next feed. Once lo is happily taking her breakfast I would introduce lunch.
    Try simple things like butternut squash (my lo's favourite), sweet potato, carrot - Things that are naturally sweet, she should take them happily. You can then move on to putting different flavours together I think its up to you whether next feed is lunch or dinner - I did the 2 quickly as my lo loves her food.
    I think you just have to be guided by Charlotte and do what you think is best. I've learn't there is no right or wrong when it comes to this weaning malarky!!!
    Good luck
  • Try not to stress about it too much.

    Just be guided by her, you will find that she naturally drops bottles as she gets used to the new way of getting food. But you might find that it takes a few weeks for things to settle down.

    You might find that she gets a bit unsettled at night for a while too - it'll calm down in a few days.

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