he wont eat!

I hope somebody can help with some advice here! My boy is 10 months now and for the last 4 weeks he wont eat! He has always been so good and eaten everything I have given him, homemade and jars, sweet and savoury. But now he just keeps his lips shut tightly, turns his head away and puts his arm up to push the spoon away. All he will take is yogurt or fruit purees. I have tried everything I think. Playing games, distraction, all his previous favourite foods, me eating some etc. He eats finger foods and always wanted whatever I was eating but now he takes some but pushes it out of his mouth with his tongue. I am at a loss! He is just above average weight for his age and is lovely and chubby and very happy, so thats reassuring. He loves his milk thankfully so at least hes getting that. I even tried putting his high chair in front of the tele with his dvd on as a last resort the other day which is something I never thought I would do! He ate a few spoons then but no such luck again today...just the usual yogurt!

What do you all think? I have the health visitor coming on Monday for his 9-12 month check up so I will ask her too.


  • Could it be his teething??? I know that when Zacky gums are really sore he refuses solids but will have cold yoghurts and fruit purees straight from the fridge, its gotta numb his mouth as I tried the food once and it was so cold my lip was numb for ages. He will put the cold food in his mouth then move it to where he needs it then swallow it when its not cool enough, and have the next lot. He is only 7.5mths old though.
    Beck n Zacky
  • It may be, thank you. This teething lark goes on and on doesnt it!? I just hope we get over it soon as its such hard work and I am concerned that he isnt getting enough goodness from vegetables etc.
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