Anyone having a problem getting through to tax credits?????

I have been phoning 3/4 times a day since Thursday and STILL cannot get through! I wouldnt mind but you get all the way through the options to be told their all busy and hung up on!
I've even tried phoning the wrong option just to see if its the changes option thats busy!

I cant even stay on hold for someone to speak to me!

Was just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? Is there any other way i can let them know of my changes as i have 3 and your supposed to inform them straight away and i cant if i cant talk to anyone.

Thanks x


  • I've only ever got through calling first thing at 8am xx
  • YES!

    I apparently have a ??360 overpayment and my payments have been all over the place, one minute they're paying me ??80 a week the next ??144?? So I really need to contact them - I also have a change of circumstance as OH been made redundant.

    I think the reason is that they are still busy sorting people out who have not done their renewals which were due 31st july. I have not been able to get through since then.

    REALLY pees me off as I made a conscious effort to get my renewals in WELL on time!!!!! xxx
  • I know what you mean i made sure i got mine in early to make sure everything was ok. Thinking about it, i have a feeling it could be because some people will be staying on in education and people wont want their benefits to stop.

    Its just annoying when you have to let them know straight away of changes but you cant if you cant get through!!

    I will try at 8am Kayssis.. hopefully that will work xx
  • Yes me to! And i'm only after a starter pack!

    Will try tomorrow morning as well xx
  • Yes me! I've changed my hours at work. gone from 15 hours to 22.5, so need to ring them! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Good luck girls, still takes about 20mins to get through but at least you get to speak to a human at the end of it lol x
  • i got through at 8am but was still waiting half an hour before speaking to someone - good luck x
  • Kayssis you were right hehe! I also got through at 8am but was on hold for 30 minutes.. atleast i got to speak to someone x
  • Brill! Well done Hun x
  • Can't get through either and I only want the claim form. Why on earth you can't request the form online I will never know!! surely in the days of cost-cutting that would be far more sensible and would cut their phone traffic down loads
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