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im starting to get really miffed my lo is three weeks old on monday and im really lucky because due to the fact i lost my appetite in pregnancy ive come out of it a stone lighter than when i fell pregnant but everyone seems to need to comment on it. i can cope with the school mums telling me i look well and even the grumbles from them about how its not fair.but my hubby keeps telling me how sexy i look now! and its a bit like cheers babe i wasnt before?also when i pinched a quaver from my other lo's he grumbled about how id said i didnt want to put the weight on like i had befor with the other two and then got stropy when i didnt want a cake lol. now my bloody brother has started by asking so are you going to keep the weight off this time?
why is it people feel the need to comment if you put weight on or loose it your to fat too thin etc even when your pregnat oh thats a big/small bump
i know im prob being oversesitive but its really bugging me!
sorry rant over lol
faith xxxx


  • sorry you feel like this, just tell everyone to mind their own business and leave you alone, just tell your oh and family that its bugging you and to shut up and maybe they will back off a bit, its a very touchy subject to most new mums and men just dont understnad. big hugs hun. xxx
  • i lost mine quickly too but i have about half a stone more to lose. people keep commenting how well i look now and that i shouldnt lose anymore. some have even said i looked ill before! i am a 10 comfortably now, whereas i was an 8 before, which i dont think is too thin. but hey ho. one of hubby's friends said at dd christeneing he was loking forward to making fun of me for not loosing the weight and i have disappointed him!
  • I lost mine quickly too, and had comments from people suggesting I don't eat properly and that made me furious!! I lost mine due to being active and I run every other day (with baby!)

    Some people have nothing better to do then be negative.
  • i had a lady in baby changing tell me i still had a huge belly when LO was a couple of week old and that she lost hers straight away, i was mortified someone would even comment on that! some people are just damn right rude!

    try to ignore them honey x
  • i also have had this problem after both my lo's. It took 4m to get back in my size 8 jeans after ds1 and even hv accussed me of not eating properly! It took 5m with ds2, but I don't do anything except walking with a buggy and bf each time!

    I too have been asked once if I was looking after the baby for my mum! OMG I am 28 and married! I was so shocked I wrote into Prima baby mag and won the star letter in Sept 2008!

    I know it's easier said than done, but ignore people's comments. Everyone is different and we've all done the same, carry a baby for 9m and give birth! Our bodies have all taken the strain.

    ds1 2 year 6m and ds2 8m

  • Size 8 Jeans I wish, I can no longer fit in mine and have to buy a size 12 yesterday when I went shopping for some new clothes as going away next week. I am about half a stone heavier than pre pregnancy.

  • Just try & ignore silly people like that. I lost most of mine quite quickly & have around half a stone to go. Am a size 10-12 now & was a size 10 pre-pregnancy, but my size 18 mum (not that there is anything wrong with that) said to me that I looked very fat when my baby was 3 weeks old & it was ridiculous that I was so fat looking during & after my pregnancy. My reply was oh well we can't all be a size 6 like u, oh that's right ur not!! Cheeky I no but some ppl can be very rude!!
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