8day old baby with snotty nose? Worried..

My baby girl is 8 days old and she has a really snotty nose, keeps sneezing and is now strugging with her bottle. She has had 2 bottles today and being fine with them, but her 6o'clock feed she was really struggling. Kept coughing and sounded like she was choking. She didn't even have an ounce!!

Mentioned it to MW and she didn't seem toworried, and said the sneezing will be getting rid of the snot. Hence my screen name i am very paranoid. Anyone experienced this with such a small baby?

I am quite worried.

Thanks Katherine xx


  • dd got a cold when she was about 3 weeks and we had to clear her nose most in the morning. go to the dr who wll give you a saline solluton to get the snot out. dd someone show you how to rub a cotton wool ball down the side of her nose to clear it?
  • Thanks Calleigh. I need to get her registered at the docs tomorrow. I am so worried of her choking on her milk.x
  • i phoned the docs and said i need to register my dd and get an appointment and they got me one straight away. they cant mess around when it comes to babies.
  • My 3month old is snotty at the minute and i got worried when it sounded like he was struggling to breathe. The doctor gave us saline nasal drops to put in 4 times a day and didnt seem to concerned. I went out to Tesco and bought a nasal aspirator just in case (those pump things that blow their nose for them if you like!) A good sneeze normally gets rid of it though! Not pretty!
  • I bought one of the gunk suckers as well. Combined with the saline drops(which you can buy - don't need a prescription) it worked really well.
    A bath before feed and bed also helped to clear his little nose for his feed.
    All the best x
  • Def try the saline drops, you can get them over the counter as well. Don't worry about her choking on her milk though, I went on a baby first aid course last week and the guy said that you can't choke on liquid.

    Congrats on your little girl.
  • Thank you for your replies. can she have the saline drops at a week old?xx
  • Hey there - my LO was very bunged up from day 1. Day 6 we ended up taking her back to the post natal ward. It's really common and is usually just a reaction to the huge change in atmosphere they've experienced. You can get the drops from Boots for 99p. It won't do any harm to give them a go x
  • hun try not to worry, when my lo was born for about 3 weeks her nose was really bunged up but it was just mucus from the birth fluid and to ease it we bought a saline nasal spray and it helped and night we put a bowl of boiling hot water with a few euclyptus oil drops into our bedroom to help clear her nose at night.

    Congratulations xxxx
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