Jumperoo question!

Is it classed as a baby walker?



  • i would say its more like a door bouncer
  • i wouldnt say its a baby walker as they baby doesnt walk in it at all (i assume you may be worried about the position baby walkers can make babies walk?) the baby is supported in a seated position but can stand using support when the baby is able to.
    its more of an activity station imo.
  • im sure i replied to this. they are classed as an activity station if you are trying to look them up online.
  • ok i see. double thread. and there i thought i was losing it.
  • Yeah, def not a walker. We generally keep LO quite high in it so his feet only just touch the ground (they don't carry any weight, the seat takes al of it) which he loves. I agree with wannababy, it's more of an activity station.
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