Feeding problems

Hi,me again! After being told last week that one of the boys was being greedy I decided to ignore it as like a lot of you said,a baby only takes what it needs. They were going every 3 hours taking 3/4 oz. But for the last few days they've been going every 2 hours! I don't know what to do,the smaller boy still takes 3/4oz every time nd refuses more but the bigger one is taking up to 7oz and still only going 2 hours. I tried hungry baby milk,I tried delaying feeds by playing etc but it made no difference,they just got really grumpy! The only feed where they don't seem fussed is the 2am-ish one where they take 2/3oz. They still go 3 hours at night but not in the day.

Should I be concerned that they are wanting more frequent day feeds at nearly 7 weeks? Any suggestions welcome! xx


  • Maybe the boys are having a bit of a growth spurt? My lo did this when he was 7wks old. After a week he calmed down again and started taking feeds every 3 hours. Or maybe they are taking more during the day to last them longer at night?

    My lo did this as well - it was like he was filling up during the day and going longer at night. So I just went with him.

  • I agree with lemon Sugar, maybe just a growth spurt. They might just find their own way and settle down again. On the positive, if the 2am feed is getting lighter maybe they'll drop it???!!

    Hope all is well otherwise x
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