6 week check up q's

Im just wondering what happens at the 6 week postnantal check up? I have absolutely no idea! Also is babies 6 week check done by your GP at same time? What happens at babies 6 week check up? Just want to be prepared! Thanks girls


  • hi

    ur 6 week check is with your gp, and they check u and lo at same time.

    when my lo was checked, my doc listened to his heart, breathing, checked his pulse, weighed him, measured his length and head circumference, checked his hips and then asked if i had any corncerns and wanted to know how well he was feeding.

    For me, my doc checked my blood pressure, and asked if i was still bleeding and if i had any corncerns.

    Don't forget to take ur babys health record book with u!
  • My GP did both checks at the same time, in an extra long appointment but I think it depends on the GP.
    The checks are fairly basic.

    For the baby:
    A quick physical check of all parts of the body, e.g checking that the hips are ok, fingers and toes not webbed etc!
    Checked reflexes like the startle reflex,
    Looked at the baby's eyes, ears, mouth
    Weighed the baby
    I think listened to the heartbeat? Not sure about that one.

    For you:
    Very similar to an antenatal appt-
    Checked urine
    Blood pressure
    Felt stomach to check that the uterus is contracting ok
    Asked a few general questions about how things were going.

    My doctor gave me the choice of whether to have an internal exam- I said no, but afterwards I thought that actually I should have got him to check my stitches. I guess that might depend on how your birth went as to whether they do that!

    The only other thing was they asked me to fill in the short questionnaire in the red record book, I think that is supposed to be done before you go really.

  • Mine was the same baby wise as above but for me the doctor basically just asked how I was, how my labour was as he had done my last sweep, did I have any concerns? And just a general chat really no examination or anything so think it depends on you and the doctor. Also mine was done at 8 weeks and Ashton had his first jags the same day. xxxx
  • I had my check up at 6 weeks - blood pressure taken, was weighed (and compared to weight at 9 week appointment) general chat including how the labour went. He offered to look at stitches but after he had kept me waiting 45 mins for the appointment, I was in a hurry to get out as I only had an hour at the car park a few mins walk away!!!

    My lo had her check at 8 weeks, I had to get her weight and height done at baby clinic within a week before hand. He listened to her chest, checked hips, bottom, showed me the walking reflex, asked about feeding, and did first lot of jabs. (and anything else on the list in red book that I may have forgotton about. (He kept us waiting 30 mins for this appointment - during which I had to change lo and try to bf her without showing off my breasts to the waiting room!! lol)
  • my lo had a seperate doctor who deals with the babies at my surgery so it would be worth phoning ur GP surgery to find out what their policy is...i had my check at 6 weeks and JJ had his at 7 weeks, he weed on the doctor :lol: x
  • Brooke had a check with the doctor in baby clinic in my gp's surgery, I asked the doctor about my six week check, and he told me they dont do one. The last check I had was when Brooke was 4 wks, and the midwife visited for the last time, and that's all she did was check my caersarian scar.

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