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Abi is now nearly 6wks old and we don't really have a sleep routine in place yet. She doesn't have a set bed time, instead she sleeps in between feeds (3/4hrs) and we take her up to our bedroom when we go to bed (still asleep in her moses basket). Do you think we should have a routine in place already or is she too young for this, I'm torn?


  • Jessica is 5 weeks and 5 days. she doesnt have a set bed time, but she is sort of falling into her own routine. bed is around 8.30pm - 9pm. she will wake for a feed about 12-1am. then again about4-5am. then wake abouit 7am and will want to come downstairs. she will not go back to sleep !!!

    can you see a routine forming at all?
  • Hi Lyns!

    Is Abi 6 weeks already?? omg! Where does time go?!
    Jaimi-Lee is 17 days old and getting into her own wee routine. We have been bathing her, feeding her then putting her up to bed on her own at approx 9pm and she sleeps until 3am, back down at 4am, then up at 6am, down at 7am until 9-10am. So she is doing fab so far, but i know we are lucky, some babies take a long time to get into a routine. I wouldnt beat yourself up about it or worry hun!

    Sharon xx

  • She is generally a really good sleeper and we get about 4hr at a time. We give her a bottle around 9.30-10ish then she sleeps until 1-2am, another feed then down until around 5-6am, another feed then down until 10-11am. I just wasnt sure if we should have a set routine so it was the same every time?!
  • that sounds like a good routine. jess has ben going to bed about 8.20pm the past few nights but tonight she has had 2oz from bottle and is fast asleep on hubbys chest. might have to take her to bed early. im just following jessicas lead at the moment.
  • Same here tonight... shes fast asleep after her last bottle lol. Hopefully she will sleep another few hours and then get her last feed later then she might sleep later than 3am lol!!

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