Growth Spurt?

I was just wondering if this sounds like a growth spurt, dd will be 8 months on the 22nd June and she always sleeps through but the last few days I have noticed that she has been really cranky and sleeping more than usual, we normally put her to bed between 7.30-8pm after her feed but tonight she screamed until 11pm, I thought it was her teeth so I put some anbesol on her gums but this had no effect, I tried rocking her to sleep and she was thrashing around and then I brought her downstairs to let her play for a while which calmed her down and then hubby took her to bed but again it took another half hour to get her to sleep. She was always a small fine baby but I have noticed in the last couple of weeks she has got so tall, really fine still but she is now all of a sudden about the same size as my 15month old niece. She has been trying to walk and learn to stand on her own and learn to crawl all at the same time in the last few weeks. Has anyone else's lo done anything like this?


  • Hi
    my DD is pretty much the same age (8 months on the 17th) and she's recently been through a development splurge - in a matter of days she was sitting unaided & learnt to crawl.
    Since then she's even more tired towards bedtime as usual as was getting really grumpy. Her bedtime was around 7/7.15pm. So I started bringing it forward. She's usually in bed by 6.40 and asleep within a few minutes.
    So, it could be that she was over-tired? Try bringing bedtime forward a bit, I just did ten mins earlier to start with.
    HTH xx
  • Thanks hun, I think I might try that and see if it makes a difference! She has been such a madam recently as well throwing strops if she doesn't get her own way hoping its a phase!!
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