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  • Hello, hope everyone is well. Has anyone actually gone via this route of weaning? Riley will be 26 weeks in 3 weeks so will need to start weaning, and this looks a good option. Am very worried about choking though, and how you would introduce the foods via this method? Eg. would you still give carrot for example for a few days, then try parsnip, then combine? Just not seeing how you would end up giving meals as such. Or does it work on the premise that a stick of carrot would be the same amount as a cube of puree? Ahhhhg! Lol. Is there anyone who can help me please?

    Thank you,

    Rebecca and Riley. xxx
  • I would have loved to do this but Gabe was too hungry so was on purees at 4 months!
    I think it is a great idea but the main thing is to be patient, let lo explore foods and not worry how much they have eaten as when they eat finger food (Gabes had them since 6 months) they don't actually eat so much lol. Gabe has had roast sweet potato, roast parsnip (didnt really eat just chomped on), carrot stick (again...just chomped on!), mini sausage roll, rusks, banana (a bit crap as it breaks up in lo's hands), milky buttons lol, chips, toast, bread, broccoli, cheese spread sandwich, organix snacks......erm just about anything really. Its so cute to watch them eating 'real' food.
    Try not to worry about choking. The other day Gabe kinda choked on a crust of bread. My fault as I was talking to someone while he was eating (I was helping him at the time) and didnt realise he had sucked up a huge piece! Was v. scared but he seemed to just eat it fine but then about 5 mins later he coughed (just a little cough) and it came back up lol. No problemo!
    Also they do gag sometimes but thats different to choking. and normal. I would start with soft foods that melt easy in the mouth and are easy to hold. Brocoli is quite good if you want to start with whole foods as it is nice for them to suck on and easy to hold
  • i'd start on purees then lumpy then introduce finger foods see how he goes, millie is only 4 months but has started on solids and loves them!! i gave millie carrot puree for a few days then sweet potato which she loved! then i gave her sweet potato with brocolli and then sweet potato carrot and parsnip, and fruit so far puree apple. i tried her on baby rice first and she hated it thats why went straight onto veg and fruit. i have the annabel karmel book- 100 baby purees and its brill!! xx
  • Thanks for the advice. Lol at the milky buttons Tigerlily. The choking must have been really scary! Glad he managed to get it out on his own though. It all looks really good, and obviously easier than pureeing loads of stuff. I can't seem to find info on how quickly you can go with introducing new things, so not sure if you do the same as purees (as in one thing for afew days before the next one) or whether as he'll be 6 months it can go quicker.

    Princessjane, sounds like millie knows what she likes already, rejecting the rice, lol.

  • yes she does!! she loves sweet things i.e loves the sweet potato! my hubby gave her choc pudding i couldnt believe it she got so excited eating it!!! grrr shes not having it again for a while!!! i'd try him and see how he is he may love his food and then u can prob move quite quickly introducing new tastes at 6 months they can more or less have anything except for a few things so u have plenty of choice have fun! xx
  • I wouldn't worry about introducing things 1 at a time, I never did. Never bothered Gabe. By all means start with simple tastes tho. xx
  • Oooh, thanks Lea Pea, will have to go buy it. Bought a book today on it, and it looks pretty good, so will see if I actually get the chance to read it, hehe. Happy xmas to all, thanks for the advice. xxx
  • Hi
    I did the babyled weaning thing - more because my lo wouldn't let me feed her!!!.
    They have a whole website set up about it with loads of idea's and how to start off.
    It worked out really well for us and my lo has been able to feed herself since 6 months old and she will just about eat everything!!!!.She is now 17 months and loves her food

    good luck

  • Thanks MLM, it's great to hear a success story. Will check out the website. xxx
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