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pillow or no pillow???

if hayden wakes after 6-7 in morning i just bring him into my room and lay him on his daddies side of bed and after a wee feed he will often sleep rreally well for up to a good 4 hrs!!! (wish he would do this in the night!!) mentioned to my sister that i think it is because he is comfy ontop of duvet and pillow, and how i was considering using one in his cot, she said that my neice anna (2 tomorrow!!) has had a pillow since she went into cot. so what i was wandering is does anyone elses lo have a pillow and does it help them sleep??
thanks love fiona and hayden 21 wks


  • You are not supposed to use any pillows (or duvets) in your lo's cot until they are at least 1 year old. This is because they may suffocate if the pillow goes over their face during the night and they are too little to take it off.
    My lo is coming up to 14 months and I don't intend to use a pillow for her until a few more months as she is wriggly.
    Of course it's up to you what you do but I would advise you not to use one!
  • i thought that to about the sffication subject thats why i was looking for other peoples opinions abd experiences. there i so much "advice" on what you should shouldn't do i get soo cofused sometimes!!
  • we've only just given Ollie his own pillow at 20 months. He can manipulate it very well now so there is no risk of him suffocating under it.
    when i double checked with the gp and HV about it they both said pillows are ok from about 12-18 months depending on the individual baby, but not before.
    It might be the closeness of you being there, or your smell that gets your lo sleeping better.... the other night when Ollie wouldn't settle I gave him my cardie to snuggle up to and he was gone within minutes.
  • If you really wanted to try a pillow you could use one of the wedge pillows you get when your lo has a cold or reflux and put it under the mattress cover?

    Here is a link to one I've seen:

    This would be much better than a pillow on top of the mattress.
    hth xx
  • never though of that might try putting a top in his cot before i try a pillow, thanks mummystephe
  • jack is full of cold at the moment so i've put a pillow under the fitted sheet in his cot, just to raise his head up a bit so he can breath better. there's no risk of him ending up under it or anything cos it's below the fitted sheet so he can't get to it
  • now thats a great idea about putting it under a sheet!!! i have some experimenting to do this week with all these tips.
    ta v v v much ladies, love fi

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  • yeah - we used to put a pillow under his mattress to raise it slightly on one side when he had a cold etc, it also then came in handy to drop olbas oil onto it so it came up through the mattress and helped him breathe...
    hope you find something that works image
  • I think it depends on your baby. Gabe is 10 months and he is not very wriggly at night, he went through a stage of being at about 5mo's but not since. I'll probably be giving him a pillow at 1.
  • My 8 month old son hasn't been struggling with sleeping the past few days due to teething when he's on my bed he falls asleep no issues but in his cot he would take hours to settle and this isn't Like him (always been lucky when comes to sleeping) so decided to try a pilliow got a really thin one put it under the sheet then put the blanket over that tucked it all the tightly and it's not moved. Since we started it he was asleep with in a few min. I personally think it's just some baby's like a bit extra comfort. 

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