40 week midwife...

Hi ladies

For those of you that went over due, what happened at your routine 40 weeks appointment? Was it just the usual checks, blood pressure, urine etc or did she do an in ternal or anything?

Not quite sure what tp expect this afternoon.....



  • Just the usual honey, I wasn't interfered with until they decided to induce me and give me a pessary

    They don't tend to do internals now adays as far as i'm aware

    good luck and we'll see you on baby again soon!!!! xx
  • I was offered an early sweep at my 40 week check (I was 39+6) but as I'd driven myself there and oh was 80+ miles away I turned it down - I already had one booked for a week later. So I just had the bog standard checks. I'm sure you could ask for an internal if you want. You may be booked in for a sweep or talk about an induction date, but it wasn't anything special.
  • ooooh its exciting, i suppose it depends on how the midwfe is feeling that day!? lol Im feeling abit nervous about it,, not sure why really but i think its all becoming very real...yikes!


    Thanks Ladies
  • I just had the normal,
    Was hoping for a sweep but didnt get one image
    but went into labour the next day anyway xxx
  • I asked my midwife what happened at 40 weeks and she said she'd do a sweep - when I went at 40+3 she said again she'd do a sweep, then looked at my notes and said 'oh you're consultant lead, I can't do a sweep' - I'd been consultant lead since week 7, why was this news to her!! I was very disappointed tbh. I was booked in to see the consultant at 40+7, so the midwife didn't want to see me again. I'd really built it up and it was a big anticlimax, so try not to get your hopes up too much. Thinking back she was happy to wave me off at 39 weeks, I insisted on being seen again because the consultant said she should monitor my blood pressure weekly.
  • I wasn't due a 40 weks check but was booked in with mw for sweep at 41 weeks. I had really puffy ankles over weekend though so went in at 40wks to get bp checked and said do I really have to wait till 41 weeks for a scan - she asked if I had any niggles while nodding her head so I said yes, I had my sweep and Cally came the next day! ( My other 3 had all been 2 days overdue and we knew Cally was a big baby so I was dreading going longer.)
    Good luck.
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