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hi ladies me again still struggling to get daisys wind up and having very little sleep just dozing through her moaning and crying. what i want to know is when you wind your babies how many burps do you get. i am lucky to get one if any, but i have put her backon colocynthesis powder just and she burped 5 seconds after i started rubbing her back normally i have to rub and pat for at least half an hour and then give up. after this one burp i got i didnt get any more after 20 mins i stopped.what is normal for burping. i am hoping this powder is going to work and it wasnt just a fluke. she is 6 weeks now


  • What age is you lo? Have you tried infacol? Ellie burps very quick after a bottle but she can down 8ozs in less than 5 minutes so she is ready to burp. When she was little i would rub for 5 minutes then lay her down and pick her up after 2 minutes and she burped really easy. xxx
  • I used Colief with my lo, it was a god send! It is difficult to say how many burps, sometimes I get one big one that makes me think he is about to be sick and other times I get just a couple of little ones. I have a vibrating buncy chair that was a big help too!

    How are you feeling yourself?

    Denise xxx
  • Evie's a mare to get wind out of too! Can sit there for 15-20 mins and still only have got one burp out of her. Her big brother was (and still is!)quite happy to part with his. I've just started her on infacol and have bought some gripe water for when she's old enough (tomorrow-woohoo) Infacol rocks and I find that making her sort of do sit ups on my lap helps move the wind and she parts with it a bit better then.
  • Hi leo would have an 2 ounces then i would burp after 5 mins or i would get a burp then a minute or 2 later i would get the second then another 2 ounces etc and if he had more than 2 ounces or didnt have 2 burps he threw up everywhere, he is 7 months now and i cant give him any more than 3-4 ounces and still 2 burps or he is sick.He never had a problem with bringing up his wind though.
    vikki xx
  • Once Bren was on the infacol he would give one big burp pretty soon after his bottle and then sometimes a couple of others 5 to 10 minutes later. I found keeping moving his position helped to bring the wind up too as well as me walking around as I rubbed and patted his back.

    Just found out yesterday that if I think there is a bit more wind to come out if I lie him on his tummy on his play mat he gives out the last few burps or pumps depending on which end it needs to come out lol!

    When Bren was around the same age as your lo WestBrom we found the best way of getting big burps up were to sit him on our knee after a bottle and gently lift his ribs up. If you do that a few times you can usually feel the wind moving up, it seems to relieve the pressure or give the wind more room to come back out. Was definately the most effective way for him, although now he is 13 weeks just putting him on our shoulder and giving him a pat does the job most times. xx
  • I also found that rubbing her back from bottom to top helped shift wind far better than patting her back. I had to do it quite hard and I would wind her after each couple of ounces as if I left it to the end and she had a big burp stored up then she would throw up half her feed!
  • whilst evie was 0-3months i'd wind her after ever couple of ounces, sometimes i got a burp, sometimes not, at then end of a feed i'd wind her until i got one decent burp or a couple of small ones, would only wind her for 3-5mins. my HV said after 5mins of winding, your wasting your time as they probably wont bring any up after that time and itll just pass through their system andcome out the other end at some point! i was using infacol then, but stopped at 3months and between 3-4month evie was terrible with windy pains and didnt burp easily so ive started her back on it and its a life saver! x
  • It's often been a struggle to get Lily's wind up and the only thing I found that helped was to keep changing positions, sit her up, then put her on my shoulder, gently lay her down, then pick her back up. Gently of course - otherwise she'd be sick everywhere. My HV also told me I was wasting my time after 5 mins, but I had to persevere for longer, because as soon as I put Lily down, she'd be grunting & moaning and I knew she still had trapped wind. We didn't get on with infacol at all - it made Lily sick, but gripe water has really helped. Lily's 6 months old now and has just started on solids so is much better at actually getting her own wind up now straight after a feed- although I will wind her for 5 - 10minutes myself as I still like to hear a big resounding burp. It is a chore trying to wind baby especially during the night feeds when you just want to crawl back into bed. I wouldn't be too concerned by the amount of burps you get up - one big one may be equivalent to several small ones and I think 20 minutes is enough time to give your baby. Try laying her down after 5 minutes for a minute or 2 and then pick her back up. Thus is quite effective at shifting wind about and may shorten the time you have to spend patting her back.
    I am a mother of a 2 month old baby girl.
    I have been really upset by her constant crying/lack of sleep
    for us both.
    She kept making pushing noises like she was in pain and tensing her body up and
    it really made me feel so helpless!!
    I had tried all the different ways of holding her & bought Infacol and found none of them to be very helpful.
    I spent a while googling it one night and someone mentioned that proping the baby up on a
    few pillows so they were in a sideways sitting position helped them,
    I tried it with not much hope but OH MY GOD!! I am so glad I did as she has
    not been in pain since! It's a bit of a pain at night as I can't lie down and feed her I have to be as upright as
    possible but it's well worth it as she is such a happy baby now!! now I can enjoy her!

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