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couple of questions -

in books they say don't let your newborn wear any hats indoors to avoid overheating. does this include the little cotton hats which come with outfits which make them really cute?

Also went for first walk yesterday and baby was nice and asleep when got home, but after taking off all her layers (woolie cardie and hat mainly), she was screaming the place down. does this affect other people as well?


  • Hi sevans.
    At the time,my m/w told me not to put hats on Owen when indoors,and i bought quite a few outfits with the little hats attatched so we just wear them outside now.
    When we go out for a walk,Owen protests when i put him in his snowsuit,and then into the pram,but once we get walking he is fine,lol.

  • If Evie's asleep i her pram when we get home, i just take her blankets off her and her hat and if she has a coat or pramsuit on just unbutton it and leave her until she wakes up xxxx
  • Those hats are a waste of time for winter babies. I have loads of them. Dont use them inside as babies should not be too warm - its thought overheating could be a contributing factor of cot death. When we go out we have wooly hats as its freezing. Asda do little ones if you dont have one.

    Shes not too bad now but when she was smaller Frankie would go mad if she was woken up after a walk!! She seems to have grown out of that a bit.
  • Well my house is freezing sometimes so I keep a thin hat on Archie until it's warmed up. As long as you keep an eye on your lo it's common sense - don't want them too cold either!
  • Mine have never worn the hats inside, except for the occasional photo!
    I do similar to everyone else if Barney is asleep when we get home, I take off as many layers as I can without disturbing him, unfasten some more, and leave the pushchair in the hall where it is a bit cooler. I think as long as you keep and eye on them that's fine and most babies seem to HATE being woken up :lol:
  • the only time JJ has worn a hat indoors is when our heating went off and british gas didnt come out til 2am but once the heating was back on i took it off him!! when we go out if JJ is asleep i just leave him in his pram til he wakes up and remove enough layers carefully so he doesnt get too hot x
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