talking of weddings (bf related)

I have 2 weddings this year to attend (all day) and i am totally stumped on what to wear. I have a couple of gorgeous strapless dresses but i will be breastfeeding! Don't want to pull my dress down to feed or stick her up my dress :lol:

Any ideas?????? :\)


  • How about a really nice pair of three quarter lenghs, some strappy sandels. A nice strappy summery top and maybe some kind of shawl, incase a bit chilly!!

    I had the same problem for keira christening. I found a lovely long dress but couldn't wear it as no way to be able to bf!
  • How old will she be? If it were me I would probably wear the strapy dress and just shut myself away somewhere to feed, but then Barney only has 3 feeds in the day now, morning, bed time and 3.30pm, it would be harder if he wanted feeding more often. Jojomamanbebe had some bfing dresses last year so it might be worth a look there.
  • Thanks for your replies,

    she will be 8 months for one of them and just thinking the one in September won't be a problem as she should be cut down to just a night feed by then, i plan to wean her at a year. I'm just judging it on how she is now, she still feeds on demand, up to 7 feeds a day and refuses point blank to take a bottle of expressed!!! I will probably work on the bottle and stick to a dress i love!

    I don't mind sneaking off to a room to feed but just wondered if there were any lovely stylish dresses on there and not just the jersey wrap ones!?

  • i like the idea of this one.....

    but not keen on black, could dress it up with a flower corsage, matching colour belt, shoes and bag.....?

    Hmmmm there just isn't the choice out there for bf dresses!

  • There's a few on this website but they're not massively exciting!

    I quite like the third one down (and it's in the sale lol) it's a nice colour.

    As you said - perhaps accessorising is key!! xxx
  • Can't really advise on what to wear on top but would definitely reccommend wearing good breast pads. I went to a wedding four weeks after Mollie was born and right in the middle of the speeches I started leaking!! Had NEVER leaked before & the speech wasn't even that emotional!!
    How embarrassing! Liz x
  • I went to 2 weddings last year when max was 5 months and 6 months respectively so he was still feeding a LOT! I had the same dress issues as didn't want to pull up or down so to speak. In the end I got a really lovely skirt and top from Coast and then I could feed up from the bottom of my top as usual and as usual no one was really any the wiser! I had a fab time at both and the only awkward moment was when Max wanted a feed at the church just before my bro's wedding and I didn't feel I could feed in church and there were no benches outside so I ended up feeding in th porch which was fine as there was a bench etc but all the family friends who hadn't met max were arriving and saying 'oh let's have a look' followed by 'oh sorry can see your busy' was quite funny really!
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