Grunted Breathing?

Me again!!

Amber has a snotty nose and has started grunting when breathing, she also has a cough. She seems fine in herself do you think its something to worry about? Or see a doctor about?


Amy xx


  • Hi hun

    I would just keep an eye on her but if u feel she is not herself or your worried I would just go the docs to get her checked over. Hope Amber feels better soon

  • Hiya Amy,

    Oscar is suffering with the exact same thing at the moment, i think he has a little cold. He has always been a grunty snuffly sleeper though. sometimes he really struggled to breath so we put a humidifier in our room and it has helped so much - at the moment with his cold i'm sure he would be much worse at night than he is as it's keeping his airways clear.

    You could try that, or at night try raising the head of her moses basket to help her breath a bit.

  • Hiya Amy,

    Lucy has this too, the hv suggested raising the head of her moses basket, she also suggested putting a damp towel over the radiator in her room, or a bowl of water on the floor next to it. I got some saline drops today which have shifted a couple of big bogies from her nose so hopefully she'll be a little better tonight. Hope Amber feels better soon x
  • Thanks girls,

    Will give the water thing a go. I have been given her nose drops and they help a bit. The books always make me worry as it says - "Grunted breathing seek urgent advice from the doctor"?????

    Will see how she is tomorrow as I wanted to take her swimming, oh and its my b'day I forgot he he xxx
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