first night in his own bed

Hi Ladies

As many of you would have read, we have had a few issues with our little boy. So, tonight i've decided (since his dad is on nights) that its a good time to try his own bed. He's had a full bottle, in his sleeping bag, night show and monitor on, and i've also plugged in a vapouriser for his cold. Have been back up once to replace dummy and switch back on light show. I'm only intending to go back up when he is crying to soothe as he has a tendancy to whinge quite alot.
Am i doing the right thing ? He's almost 12 weeks but hates his moses basket and will only sleep on one of us which is really taking its toll.

How long did it take for your LO's to get used to their own bed ?



  • My lo was far better at sleeping once in her cot as she throws her arms everywhere and used to catch the side of the moses and wake herself up.
    Sounds like your doing the right thing (if there is such a thing), if lo cries out I would leave for a couple of minutes to see if resettles self rather thab being there straight away.
    Good luck and hope you have a good night
  • Hope you had a good night Sarah and Tyler xxx
  • really hoping you had a good night and tyler starts to like his new surroundings - x
  • How did it go Sarah? Ive been thinking of putting Jen in her cot as we seem to distube her when we go to bed (shes in her basket in our room at the mo). I know the advice is to keep them in your room til at least 6 months, but her room is only next door and we could have monitors!!

    Em x
  • Em - i never thought i would take toby out of our room - but we moved him into his own room at about 9 weeks as it was turning into a vicious circle of waking each other up - he took to it immediately and has pretty much slept through the night since - best decision we made. We have a movement monitor though and dont think i could do it without that. We have a constant beep in our bedroom becasue of it but its still better than getting up when ever he moves! x
  • good advice thanks summer! Will get a monitor then see if i can bear being a whole 2 meters away from her!!

    Em x
  • hi ladies

    well he slept from 8.30 until 01:20 in his bed, then woke up and would not go back down so ended up in with me, am convinced it was because his nose got too blocked from him being flat and his wind played up, longest he has ever slept. he woke few times but settled hinself.

  • thats fantastic Sarah - what a briliant start. I have put a wedge under tobys mattress from the very start as he has always been muccusy. If he has the snuffles as well i just increase the incline.

    really hoping you have a good night tonight as well - do you go to bed as soon as he goes down so you get sleep? I also went to bed at 8pm when toby went down - then changed that to 9pm when he slept a little longer, now i really push the boat out and go to bed about 10pm - woop woop - x
  • ems - angelcare one is def better than tommee tippee we have both - if you wanted to try the tt one then i would gladly send it to you to try it out x the angel care beeps all the time (i am sure you can turn this off but i find it reasurring) but the sound only comes on when he crys so any grunting or random noises you dont hear whereas the tt one you hear everything. x
  • Hiya

    We have the angelcare monitor aswell, I was awake until he woke up as the beeps were irritating me. Tonight we're staying down my mums which is probably not ideal as we should do every night, but nights on my own with LO gets quite groundhog day as hubs is nights. Maybe its to do with his feed aswell as he doesn't drink much during the day no matter how much i try so wakes for food in the night even though he's on hungry baby.

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