babbling to talking

Ive got a 21 month old son who is learning to speak, and because ive found it so interesting watching him find his way in our complex vocabulary, ive decided to take advantage of this amazing phonomenom, and use it for my dissertation on my early childhood educations course (BA)....while ive got videos and diaries of all his first babbles, words and simple sentences, id love to be able to compare them with that of another childs achievements....if anyone is keen to share their proud moments of the first emergence of language use i would be hugely interested. That included babbles, cooing, anything at all that your baby might have accomplished on their way to learning how to communicate with their parents/carers....even if your baby is still at the first stages, a list of what they are currentky achieveing would be of interest to can email me on [email protected]
thanks amanda;\)
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