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what did you do to lose baby weight?/did you put on much?

i put on 2 stone with my son now 15 months and i have lost 1 stone 4lbs, want to lose 2 stone more as was planning to lose a stone before i got pg. how did you lose it?
a friend of mine only ate same as before and so literally only put on baby weight and looked the same after her baby as she ever did! i didnt i ate for 2 or 3!!!!!


  • i put on 13 kg. i am back in my jeans and lost most of the weight by breastfeeding. have done no exercise yet. baby is 6 weeks old. i will obviously have to get back to the gym especially when i stop bfing. i didnt eat like a pigl,et during pregnancy. i just added a breakfast of porridge to my usual diet or if more hungry ate fruit and veg.
  • I put on 3 stone during pregnancy with my dd who is now 7 months old. I did eat loads during pregnancy all the bad stuff too! Anyway i bf my dd for 4 months which helped loads as i couldnt much excerise i suffered from a 4th degree tear that wouldnt heal until dd was about 4 months. I also took my dd on long walks in in her pram and that was it. I had lost two stone by the time she was 4 months old ish. I have now just lost the last stone in the the last two months from going to buggy fit weekly. Its a great work out and you get to meet other mums and babies too.

    I hate the gym ! So walking loads and buggyfit was perfect. Just trying to tone up now,although now the weights off im ttc~2!

    Good luck x
  • i put on 2 stone, i now have about 3/4 stone to lose - benjamin is 4 weeks old. i lost most through BF'ing. the rest will be just keeping active & trying not to eat too much rubbish. i would love to get back swimming when i have chance xx
  • hia
    i was quite small before falling preg and I put on 4.5 stone!! I did eat a lot because I was always feeling sick and eating was the only way to stop feeling so ill!!
    dd is now 6 months and I have lost just over 3 stone so would like to lose another one!!
    I lost my weigh by cutting out on all junk food, no snacking between meals, healthy eating and lots of wii fit!! I have now bought a cross trainer to help me with the last bit!! Have had it 6 days so far and have used it every single day!! Best thing is I can use it whilst watching tv-love it lol!! I also try and do lots of walking.

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  • I put on 2st 7lb during pregnancy. Cam was born and that was about 11lbs of weight. Since then I have been wii fitting (using ea active software) and doing the davina workout with daily walks. So far I have lost 2st 4lb and weight less than I did before I was pregnant!

    Hollie & Cam - 16 weeks xxx
  • I put on about 15kgs (33lbs) but after Emilie was born it was only 5kgs (11lbs). I have lost abut 2 kgs since I started strying a month ago (when Emilie was 3 months) so 3 to go for my short term goal. I was able to do my old jeans up last week I was so proud!

    Longer term I want to lost another 5kgs to get back to my pre wedding weight!

    I have been losely following the special k diet for the last 3 weeks and replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit and special k bars and mini breaks. I've also started running and swimming again a few times a week.

    Liz and Emilie 16 weeks x x
  • I put on 3.5 stone. Only lost 10lb after having him then BF for a month and lost 2 of the 3.5 stone. I was left with the last 1.5 stone at about 12 weeks old. So I started walking everywhere and every other night I would only have soup for dinner (but the hearty fresh soup) and also no alcohol on a week day (OH and I enjoy a glass of vino with dinner)

    I am now 10lb less than pre pregnancy but still v unhappy with my body, it needs a lot of toning x
  • I gained 41/2 stone but was already over weight. I lost 1 stone after giving birth. A week later another stone was gone. I think alot of mine was fluid retention as I didnt eat much more than usual. I now still have 1/2 stone to go (8 months later) Ive just joined a slimming club and lost 5 lbs in my first week. Im hoping to lose 2-3 stone in total. But also want to have another baby so if I can just get to what I was before Holly i'll be happy enough for now.
  • i gained about 4 stone, stopped weighing myself at 36 weeks as my spd was so bad i was housebound so piled on weight . I lost quite a bit quickly as was to worn out to eat but the last stone and a bit wouldn't shift. In feb decided i'd had enough and started eating healthily and stopped snacking by lo's 1st birthday i weighed less then before i had her, but i've still got another 3ish stone to lose as was overweight before i got pregnant, no tricks just eat less and healthier and the weight will come of even if it is slowly
  • i was 3st overweight when i fell pregnant. i only put on 7lb and lizzie was 8lb 9oz when she was born so i quickly got back into my jeans but have had a way to go to lose what i was overweight to start with.
    i joined sw (again,lol~) and i do lots of my wii and now i have more energy i walk everywhere!! i now have a stone to lose to be 3 st lighter than pre-pregnancy and lizzie is 17 weeks old! i only breastfed for 3 weeks.
    i love sw as you dont starve, theres always something to eat and the group is fun! i have brought just dance for the wii now too and thats a bundle of laughs!!
    with dd1 i started at 8st put on 2st w3hile pregnant with her and put on alot more after hsaving her and that was 5 years ago!
  • I put on about 2.5 stone during pregnancy and breast fed for just over a year. I don't really know how quickly the weight came off, but I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes by 5 months and am now 5 lb. lighter than I was when I fell pregnant. I walked everywhere from the time he was born (we didn't have a car) and started going to the gym two days a week at 10 months. I am now going three days a week and loving how much more energy I have. I am also hoping to start walking more again now that the weather is turning nicer and would love to start swimming again (my favourite form of exercise) but can't seem to make the time at the moment. I have another 10 lb. or so to lose before I get to my ideal weight which means I need to stop snacking but I have no will power, dammit! :lol:
  • I think I was quite lucky. I put on about a stone when I got pg as I only got to 35wks so Riley was only tiny. I was straight back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I weigh little less now than I did before I was pg. Don't do any exercise, just a lot of running around after lo! Ideally I'd love to have a nice flat tummy but I need to find the time and the energy to exercise! x
  • i put on 3 stone and its coming off nicely with my weekly zumba classes!
  • im following paul mckennA AND IM PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS! oh i hit cap locks.ha ha
    anyway i want to get to 9st and im 11 ish at mo, so way to go yet! i want another baby to and most people think im mad trying to lose weight in that case, but i dont plan on going silly this time!
  • G/C I put on 4 stone with dd but was underweight beforehand a bit so was expecting to put on quite a lot.. i had sciatica from 34 weeks too so could hardly walk.

    I lost it all within about 4/5 months ish? And got my tummy toned again. Basically i just didnt eat any crap what so ever and would often miss lunch as you do when busy when busy with a newborn (although i dont recommend doing that at all!!!!!!!) i also have 2 dogs so on top of what ever else i was doing i always walked them for 2 miles in the evening as well as all the walking i would do with the pushchair.

    Im 32 weeks pregnant with no2 and trying to keep the weight off as i really dont want to put on 4 stone again.. it might have been easy to loose last time but it gets harder each time apparently. Have put on 1 stone 10lbs so far...... x
  • yes i have heard that to.x
  • I only put on 1stone 5 during pregnancy so it came off straight away. Ds was 9lb1 so I really did not have much excess it was just bump. I think a lot of it was down to pregnancy turning me into the fussiest eater, I barely ate in the first trimester, and did not eat meat for most of the pregnancy as the thought of it was so bizarrely disgusting.

    I'm heavier now though 2 years after. I've been a yo-yo dieter - at my biggest was 13stone a size 16 at my smallest 9stone7, a size 10. I'm a size 14 at the moment (I have clothes in that many bloody sizes!!) and I hate to sound lazy but I really, really hate exercise and would rather have a wobbly tummy than set foot in a gym!!! lol.

    I envy the skinny mums I see with make up and nice clothes on BUT maybe they have a dirty house! haha! xx
  • Hello.
    I gained 3 stone with my last pregnancy.
    I lost 2.5 stone within 6 months.
    But now I am struggling to lose the last 1/2 stone and some weeks I put on a couple of lbs then lose it again.
    My daughter is 9 months old so its taking some time. I found it much easier after my first!
    I dont drive so I walk a lot which helps. I love food so if I didnt walk I would be a lot heavier.
    If only I could cut out the chocolate I would probably lose it XXX
  • I put on about 2 stone, My daughter is now 10 weeks and I feel I'm not losing any, even tho I walk with pram out and go to the gym
  • i walk a fair bit although have had to cut down as i have anterior knee pain,that bloody hurts if i overdo it! my issue is overeating, i no im doing it but if i get stressed it can effecy me( i live with my in laws till july) but i was 13 st 6 after i had my son last jan and im 11,11 now so whilst thats slow after some what a very stressful year im pleased with my self. i find whn ei cut down portion sizes i lose big! paul mckenna works for me but i do i could lose alot more, if i can manage my stress more! im 5 ft 7 and a size 12 now but want to get to 9-9.5 st
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