Constant attention!!! HELP!

Hi my baby is almost 6 months old and he has aways been the type of baby that needs entertaining alot but as he is getting older he is constantly demanding attention from me.
I struggling to do the housework coz as soon as i do he starts crying and if i don't see to him he just gets hysterical, i know i've probably caused this myself but if your baby cries you just go to them don't you!

I used to be able to put him on his playmat and leave him to it for a while but now he just winges constantly!
He isn't sitting up on his own yet so can't just put him on floor with a few toys!
He just seems to get bored so quickly, when ever i visit people he gets so grumpy and i always end up leaving!
We have just started putting him in the back of the car too and he just seems to cry unless we sit in the back with him!
How can i get him out of this habit????????
Samantha and Ellis


  • Hiya. matthew is like this to and he is only 19 weeks. Its a nighmare. I always have to leave places to cos he just cries. I dunno what to do. i think its called seperation anxiety. I think you just have to leave them then go back after a few mins and keep doing it until he learns you go back. Thats what i was advised to from people on here xx
  • Hi. Samantha, can you prop Ellis up with a cushion? Before Spence could sit unaided I used to curl my maternity pillow around his back so he could sit and watch me. Other than that can you make cleaning a game? Peekaboo behind the duster or make silly noises to go with your actions? It might only work for a couple of minutes at a time but as he gets a bit older he should get better at amusing himself.

    MummyHeather, seperation anxiety only comes with object permanance and most babies don't development this until 7-9 months old.
  • Pixie Woo, I am probably having a thick day but I don't understand what you mean by object permanance.
  • its so difficult because he will only eat it i feed him too because i've always done it myself even his dad can't get him to eat!
    I left him with my mum for a few hours last week and he wouldn't eat until i came home!
    Trouble is i go back to work next month!!!!
  • is he going to nursery when you go to work?
    if so he will be in a room filled with happy lil bubbas munching away - and i bet he will copy them!
    my 2 yr old lo eats loads in company and at nursery but at home - she waits for me to spoon it in......
    so i would not worry.

    also i think its normal for him to want your attention all the time. it gets easier as they get older and can play alone a little. (and watch tv - but only scummy mummies like me admit that one!!!!!!)
    but to be honest my lo still likes me to sit in the back with her when we travel. we have a nice lil chat now.
    your lo must just love his mommy - enjoy it while u can honey !
  • I am only going back part time for 2 days a week, one of which his dad is looking after him then the other day his nan is!
    I guess i will just have to ride it out until he can amuse himself! image
  • Well Kara is almost 9 months and has separation anxiety for the past 2-3 months which is awful. If I am away out of the room she is awful although if her Dad is there she is fine. This is only for the past few weeks though. She won't let anyone else hold her. She cries until she gets back to me or her Dad. I go back to work on 1st July and I am leaving her with my in-laws every couple of days to get her used to it. She does cry but then she seems to settle once she realises I am not there. It is hard leaving her like that but it is for the best. She just needs to get used to the idea that I do return. I always say bye and don't sneak out. She needs to understand the meaning of the word and that when I say it I do return eventually.

    I do feel sorry for you. Being clingy is not nice for a Mother especially as they won't let anyone else feed them. At the start when Kara was doing this I left her with her Dad and she wouldn't eat either. When I came home she ate her dinner. I just subtly let him feed her more and he done a lot of the morning feeds. Now she lets him feed her no problem. It did take a while though. They are just used to us as we are always there and they feel more comfortable. If he is hungry enough he will let anyone feed him.

    I would suggest leaving him with your oh on his own for a few hours at a time and with his nan before you go back to work to get him used to the idea that when you go you do come back. It is hard going knowing he will be crying but in the end he will learn that you do come back and when you are not there that there is no point in crying because you can't save him lol.

    Good Luck.
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