what are the signs that baby is allergic to milk?

thanks in advance ladies xx


  • david was unsettled and had blood streaked in his poo
  • if you mean milk protein allergy (as that is different to lactose intolerance) it is immediate rash(HIVES) coming out on face chest arms etc.It can go on to shock whwere the baby stops breathing but that is very rare.
  • Kady was BF and he was a very sicky baby. He would bring back so much of his milk and we really had no clue why (I ate lots of dairy). The hospital diagnosed him with reflux however when we started to wean him onto solids and used cows milk in his cooking or tried him on yoghurt, he came out in a violent rash on his face!
    He would rub it like mad so it was obviously sore or itchy.
    If it is an allergy, it will come up on the skin if you rub a little milk onto the skin. If it is an intolerance it will only show if ingested.

    hth xxx

  • he has rash on face and arms, in pain after feed pulling his legs up, didnt poo for 48 hours, just so unsettled, at docs friday, im past myself seeing him in pain and so unsettled, holding his breath bduring feeds where i have to flip him over blow in his face just so he breaths again xx
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