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Bed Covers for Newborn.. Duvet?....

Morning ladies,

I hope you're all okay? I have a 3 week old who I was hoping to just put in Grobags at bedtime but he didn't seem to get on very well with these (think maybe because he was a little bit early he felt a bit 'exposed' in Grobgs!!) so we tried swaddling him- this worked out fine till it came to night feeds because he likes his little hands out at feeding time and so would then wake up when it came to putting him back down again...

Anyway, since then we have just been tucking him in with cellular blankets at night but it seems to be getting too cold for him at night now so my (very long winded!) question is, what do you ladies use? Do you use a duvet on a baby? Sorry if this seems like a really daft question but I'm just a bit stumped!



  • Please don't use a duvet for your baby as it is very dangerous before 1 year old.

    I used to swaddle Abby at night, unwrap her for feeds and then swaddle her up again afterwards - although it did mean that she woke up, it meant that she got to settle herself to sleep again herself - and has meant that she always sleeps fantastically now (as she learnt to settle herselft from a tiny age).

    When she was a bit older we switched to grobags which she loves - and bow at 5.5 months - she pulls the other half of the gro-bag over herself when we put her in it - so cute!

  • hi, u'll just need to layer cellular bla,nkets and sheets, or use a grobag. duvets are not recommended until baby is one yr old. if ur using blankets then the amount u use depends on temperature

    if u scroll down then there is a chart with tempeature, tog rating and whatclothes a baby should be wearing. now they've done this in relation to sleeping bags but if u remember that 1tog= 1 cellular and 0.5tog is a shett then u can easily work out how many sheets to use. so where it says 2.5tog that means u use 2 cellular blankets and 1 sheet.

    hope this helps

  • When our lo was only a few weeks we used a sheet and celluar blanket to keep her warm. Once she was big enough we put her in a grow bag so she is all snuggley now
  • I also would go with long sleeved vest and a towelling babygro in the cool temps so that lo is still snug.
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