My baby hates Activities!


I was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar..?

Adam is six months old on Friday (eek!). I have tried taking him to various different activity classes and he just does not enjoy them!

So far we have tried:

Amanda's Action Kids
Rhyme Time
Blueberry Play Songs

He is happy as larry beforehand, but once the classes start he just hides his face or makes his anxious noise! Once he is back in his pushchair going home he is all smiles and giggles again!

I am not sure whether to persevere with something he obviously dislikes in the hope that he'll start enjoying it, or just to leave it. When we play the same games/activities at home (just me and him or his Daddy) he loves it!

Is there anything I can do to encourage Adam to enjoy the classes or to make him more sociable? I try to set a good example by singing/joining in etc...

He starts nursery in two and a half months and I am worried he'll hate every minute if he doesn't get used to being around other babies!

Help! :\?



  • How busy are the classes hun? Is it possible with the activity and the amount of people there he just gets a little overwhelmed?

    How many times have you tried each class?

    I would suggest maybe just taking him to a small playgroup where he can sit and play with toys without the activity and see if this is better. Also you said he enjoys playing with you and daddy could daddy go to one with you and you both concentrate on Adam, kind of ignoring other babies etc until he feels comfortable?

    HTH im sure he will love nursery hun, he may just take a little time to settle but thats normal

  • How is he in a smaller group, say your friends and kids? As dylansmummy said, it could be overwhelming with the amount of people. Is he ok when you're out and about generally like shopping? xx
  • Hi

    He *loves* being out and about, he could spend hours happily watching the world go by!

    I think the size of the groups might be an issue. He is not keen on things getting too loud and boisterous (Gymboree) but today we went to a group and were the only people there and he hated that too (I think because the instructor was focussed solely on him, so he was the centre of attention).

    He is ok in groups (family etc) once he gets used to people. But he has taken a real dislike to one of my good Mummy friends, he gets hysterical every time he sees her! So it makes it difficult to meet up!

  • Hey hun,

    It could just be something he grows out of, apparently 6 months can be when babies go through a shy stage. Emily can be a little strange with strangers but once she is settled she is a little show off! :lol:

    Hope he comes out his shell a little by the time nursery comes around, the other girls' suggestions could be worth a shot x
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