Please help me post a pic

Sorry girls gatecrashing from preggers but you all seem to know how to post a pic, I have gone and put it on photobucket, but now I need to do the bit with the ING and I am stuck - I know people ask this all the time.

Thanks for your help!!


  • im gonna bump up a post for you xx
  • you have to copy the link urself now (right click and select copy) I cant edit it in the post coz of the bloody adds.

  • You are my personal hero! seriously it has been the bane of my life all morning (well for the past year, so I have never posted) - where i was going wrong, I was copying the IMG link on PB and then doing the IMG again - DOH!! makes sense now it is the direct link then the IMG buttons -

    Thanks so much for replying!
  • your welcome hun - can i have a peek at your pic(s) hehe xx
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