sock ons

just bought my first pair of sock-ons for 10month old dd. fed up with losing her socks!!! they are awesome!! image


  • Ooh, I saw those and wondered if they were any good. I didn't think they would be any match for Toby as he pulls his socks so hard - do they really work??? Can you pull your LO's socks off with them on? That would be the test for me, when it comes to pulling off socks Toby is stronger than me lol!
  • yeh my dd is pretty strong but her socks usually fall off whilst crawling.. but they are yet to stand the car seat test!! lol!
  • haha I was going to ask if they stay on even after a ride in the car! I am forever digging around the back seat looking for socks lol.
  • sorry to disagree but i have found them to be rubbish and a waste of ??7. Lizzie has been able to take them off since being 4 months old.
  • will let ya know when i try them!! hehe image
  • I agree with wannababy. The first couple of times she wore them I thought they were fab, but she VERY quickly learnt if she just tugged a little harder they came off. I only used them about 5 times and then didn't bother anymore!

  • My lo is 7 months and has had them since about 2/3 months. She has never once pulled them off, I think they are fab.
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