Car seat confusion

Can anyone help me out with explaining car seats.

My DD is just over 7 months old she is very very long but slim weighing 18lbs, she will sit unaided all day long. She is currently in a maxi cosi but she hates it now that she an sit unaided with the maxi cosi being that reclined position she pushes against the straps and cries to try and sit up she will do this the whole journey.

So my questions when can they go in forward facing and also the forward facing ones can you get ones that can be laid down from sitting position for when baby goes to sleep?

Thank you x


  • is that the jane that does that?
  • we have the maxi cosi prioi xp that reclines, LO is tall but not quite 20lbs, his head was at the top of the 0 stage car seat so we have moved him to the stage 1 forward facing,
  • I have a jane matrix pro which is lie flat but only upto 9 months and then its reward facing upto 28lb (about 18months).Lizzie is 7 months and is refacing in it (which is also from birth) but if i go on a longer than half hour drive i do put her lie flat still.
    I think the guiildlines are 20lb or 9 months to go forward facing but its your choice if you beilive your LO is safe and secure forward facing. Personally I am keeping Lizzie reward facing for as long as possible but I did but my dd1 forward facing when she reached 19lb as her head was coming above the top of the car seat so i woukld never judge anyone else decision. just be sure you are happy with your choice x
  • I have the recaro polaric which is rear facing but also reclines. It starts at 9kg xxx
  • There is absolutely no way on god's green earth that I would put a child that youg forward-facing.

    NAK so some links instead of me waffling:
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