Honest opinions on name please

We are trying for another lo and have been coming up with names for both sexes but as we like 'different' names the one that we both agree on if it's a boy is 'Shea' spelt either Shea, Shay or Che.

I like it but have had a few mixed reactions! Most people don't seem to like! I had enough people (mainly family) who didn't like the name Kade for our lo but I didn't care much as I loved it but am just wondering if this name is a step too far??

Don't worry about disagreeing as I want honest opinions image



  • Hi,
    I think it has a lot to do with your last name and how it will sound together. All the names I liked for a girl ended up soundsing silly with our last name. Also the more you say it the more it will grow on you how long have you got to go? x
  • Oh I'm not pregnant yet (unfortunately) but are trying :\)

    I reckon it'd sound ok with our surname but just am not 100% sure yet.
  • Sorry babe me getting muddled and to be honest doesn't take much these days! Am sure the more you say it the more you'll like it. At least they'll be the only one in school- I hated being the 5 Bekkie in my school! x
  • I like Shea or Shay but I don't like the spelling Che as I think it would be too open to mispronouncation. Mind you this is from the women who called her daughter Aoife (pronounced eefa) which sounds nothing like it's spelled! I think it's a good idea to have a few different names though as once their born they don't always suit the first choice. My first choice for dd was Aisling (pronounced Ashling) but when she was born it just didn't suit her so we went with our second choice!

    Good luck anyway! image
  • I like the name Kade - it's unusual but 'normal' enough that he won't have probs at school!! I also like the name Shea......it would go great with Kade.

    Best of luck ttc xx
  • No probs Mum to 1! I swear my brain is muddled all the time but I tend to blame it on baby brain lol!

    Thanks ladies!
    Mummyx5, I fell in love with the name Kade so it mattered not one iota what anyone thought and yes I too think it sounds cool with Shea.

    and Steph, I LOVE the name Aoife! Different and cool!
  • I like the name but I'm biased.... my baby sister is named Chaylene and it's always been shortened to Chay (pronounced Shay... the ch is said as sh..)... I think it it adorable... she probably hates my saying that as she's 14 now. I Have a cousin named Shyanne and we called he Shy which was quite cute too....

    I think if you love the name other people will fall in love with the person and by association grow to love the name.

  • when my SIL was expecting my nephew they were set on adam & we all really disliked it but now 3 years on i love it because it is him!
    personally i'm not a fan of shea because where I live I hear it all the time but if your set on it babe it's your baby & you chose their name not your family!
    my mum wanted me to call ellie grace but although i loved grace i wasn't 100% on it & i loved eden but no one else did so we got ellie! xx
  • my family said Lennon reminded them of a russian dictator!!!!!!! i just aye well he will get on well in tis family then lol

    i like shay or shea they are both nice,were ttc no2 also and the name i like is v.dif and fil took the mic out of it last time,this tone i'l tell him where to stick it!!!!!
  • It goes very nicely with Kade and if it sounds good with your sirname then I think Its a winner - I prefer the easier spelling though, then your lo won't have to spell his name out to everyone.

    We are about to start ttc again have been playing the name game too - lots of differing opinions in our house as well!
  • I like Shay and would spell it that way. I think Shea seems a bit girly and if i saw it written i would pronouce it she - a
  • i like shay too... and goes well with kade!
  • Hi Louise, I do like the name but my cousin (female) is shea so I automatically think of it as a girls name. Although I think it can be either so don't listen to me! I think most people will think of che guevera if you go for che! Do you have any ideas for girls names yet? xx
  • I like the name, and it goes well with Kade. When we had Isaac I stopped bothering to tell people what names we had chosen as I got fed up with them telling me what I should call my baby. My 9 year old is called Megan and my mum said she would refuse to call her it she would call her by her middle name as it was a harsh sounding name. Needless to say when Megan was born she does call her by her name and says how much it suits her.
  • i love the name but personally i would spell it SHAE as with the e and a the other way round it's generally going to get pronounced SHEE -a
  • Thanks for all your replies.

    That was my main worry with that name that it would sound a bit girly. I didn't realise it could be a girls name too!
    I still really like it though and it will definitely go on my shortlist, spelt Shay I reckon.

    Just hope he wouldn't get Gay Shay! Lol
  • Shea was one of the names i chose before lo was born but i got mixed reactions and oh said he wasnt keen so we settled on Harrison, but im keeping it for next time!! i love it! i was going to spell it shea xxx
  • I love Shea! I wouldn't mispronounce it but understand some might.
    We had our honeymoon in Cuba (before it all changed) and I loved the whol Che Guavara and Fidel Castro thing and thought it would be great to nae=me our baby after something like that but I chickened out and went for Ruby! I don't have the confidence for a brave name so will always be stuck with 'normal' ones! I love it though and its original! xx
  • i like the name Shea and as the others said it goes great with Kade (which is also a lovely name)...i stopped discussing names with people when having both my kids as fed up with the people who go "thats, er, nice" when they clearly think i'm mad! my first is Madison which is slightly more common now than 5 yrs ago when i chose it and my 5mth old boy is called Braedon - gt some really funny looks about that one! dont care, i love it. only u now when u have come across that name that u love,stick to your guns babe if u love it xxx
  • I know 2 people called this and they are both boys. My cousins son is Shea and someone who I used to work with son's called Shay. I think they are both nice whatever way you spell them. I think I prefer it as Shea though.
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