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Hi Ladies

Tyler naps at more or less the same time every day, so when we're out and about during the day obviously his naps are affected and he then gets angry baby syndrome. For example, today we have been out of the house today from 11 this morning until 4pm. So he although he has had some naps they are nowhere near as long as they should be.

How does everyone else manage, do you make sure you're home for nap times ?

sarah+tyler(17 weeks)


  • We don't ever go out all day, I find it's too much for him. We would as a one of once in a while but generally it's am or pm,
  • Jen sleeps better in the pram than anywhere else in the day (as long as we're on the move!).
  • I cope by not sticking to times. We have a routine but it doesnt matter what time of day it is, if you see what I mean.

    Most of it depends on when they wake. If I know when I have to go out then I work out what times things need to happen. Today we went out at 12 and were home at 3 so boys slept in buggy but yesterday I was out at 8.30am, then home at 9.30am, out again at 10.30am till 2.30pm then out again at 4pm for 20 mins. I kept them up till 8.30 so they could sleep in the buggy, then they slept till we got home at 9.30. I rocked them in their car seats at about 12pm so they could have a nap while we were out, which was fine, but not enough so I made them sleep at home when I got home for another 30mins. They then fell asleep in the buggy when we went out at 4pm.

    Theyre quite good because they have to work round me, and each other!

    Try to work yours, and his, routine around going out and try to make sure you count in sleep times and think about how you will do this (in the buggy/carseat, leaving where you are to give him chance to sleep etc)


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 25 + 3

    Oh, also, if they havent had enough sleep during the day and get grumpy earlier at night then I start their bedtime routine 30mins earlier. Makes no difference to their sleep at night (theyre up from 2am onwards whatever! lol) and gives them the extra time awake.
  • When i only had one child, i didnt go anywhere unless it fitted in with my routine; I could go to toddlers in the morning, i would walk there so he had his hour in the pram. Then i would get him up, feed and change and when we were leaving it was time for his next sleep. If i went to shops etc, i did the same, traveled during sleep times.

    With 2 kids and a new baby, its slightly more difficult but i still try and make sure that im usually able to stick to the routine, but if it goes haywire, well so be it!!

    Gemm x
  • Thanks for your responses.

    Sometimes it cant be helped that we are out all day, like today when we had alot on but most days we only go out for baby club or to visit my parents.
    Tyler can only stay awake for 2 hours at a time, no matter what time of day it is. So his nap times depend on what time he wakes and how long he sleeps for (is a terrible napper so this changes daily), but is more or less around the same times. He's gone down fine tonight (fingers crossed),

    if I could just crack the sleeping in the cot during the day time aswell..... next thing on the list.

  • My lo has semi flexible naps, there are times you need to be out all day, the times move but she has to have one in the morning and one round the middle of the day, if I'm going out all day I try and get at least some of her first nap in first and then when she is tired I put a muslin over the pram if it's bright. But she will sleep in lots of places like including blue blanket on my mum's living room floor (but won't sleep on my floor).
  • You could maybe try and put him down for naps at home in the pram so he gets used to sleeping in his pram, eventually he will start sleeping for longer
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