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Hi, I went to weigh DS today, and they happened to be having a weaning chat. The HV said babies should have cooled boiled water up to a year old. I had been under the impression you could give tap water when lo reached 6 months. She wasn't budging on it. What do you give, how old is your lo? xx


  • Hi Hun
    I've given DD tap water since she was 6 months, I was told that was absolutely fine?? She's (touch wood) never had any tummy problems & she drinks lots of water!!! xx
  • it always used to be 6months!! but they change the guidelines so much!!

    However I live in a very hard water area so I didn't let my lo have tap until well after a year, I gave him bottled water.
  • Hiya

    The 'Birth to Five' book (that the HV give out!!!!!!!) says its fine for them to have tap water from 6 months. We've been doing this with dd.

    hth xxx
  • I give my 6.5 month old tap water xx
  • She didn't give a reason, but looked kind of 'where on earth did you hear that?' :lol:

    Maybe it is to do with the soft and hard water areas... xx
  • I've heard tap water is ok after 6 months too. We aren't on mains water, its from a borehole so I'll continue to boil it for a while longer I think...if I was on mains I wouldn't think twice about it tbh...blimmin HV's!!!
  • We were told to try bottled water before 6 months as she wouldn't take cool boiled. I asked about the sodium content, and she said not to worry?? To be fair, she doesn't drink enough of it for it to be a problem. Once our supply has run out, she will be going onto tap water (as recommended by our HV!) xx
  • It would definitely be helpful if all HV gave out the same advice. :roll: Is Poppy an Evian girl then? Hear it has the least sodium. xx
  • lizzie has tap water. she seems to love it nice and cold x
  • She certainly is an Evian girl :lol: Has to be straight from the fridge though, think it may help her gums. We have about 3 litre bottles of it left, so may be a while before she goes onto tap water. Evian was only really because it was on offer at the time, but I also heard that it has the lowest sodium content. xx
  • I thought it had something to do with the flouride content in tap water and that some areas put more in than others and too much is not good. Not sure though.
  • I was told different things by different people. He was on formula milk at 6 months so i often had cooled boiled water left in the kettle which i tended to use. but i did give him tap water at times too. as he started to want more water i gave him more tap water than cooled boiled water.
    but basically i think tap water is fine from 6 months. if we have another baby i will do that!

  • I always heard that it was from 6 months, that's what I did with dd and plan to do with ds as well xx
  • I've given B tap water since 6 months. was under the impression he wasnt allowed bottled water but was never sure why, just knew it was something to do with the mineral content! Anyways, he seems fine on tap water, no tummy bugs in 3 months since we started giving it to him so will continue to do so.

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