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Just wondering how long it took for people to hear back about tex credits? I sent off the form 5 weeks ago and still not heard anything. In that time i have applied for, heard back from and been paid child benefit. I wouldnt have thought it would take that much longer.

Also do they back pay it from childs birth like they do with child benefit?


  • my cousin said she waiting 3 months for hers, we can't get it, grrr lol! and yeah they do backpay it hun image x
  • If you dont mind me asking why cant you get it? I thought everyone got it just different amounts depending on how much you earn and less if child if over 1.
  • I've been waiting 3 weeks for mine so far, I was thinking of phoning them to chase it!
  • apparently we earn too much but my HV said they've done something wrong and we have to appeal against it! x
  • jenny if its over 56000 then you cant get it, but you should be entitled to child tax credit and working tax credit, try this website its easy and will show you what you can get. xx
  • im not really sure i got mine with in days as i already have two kids so all i had to do was phone them up the day after i got out of hospital and i had my payments changed intime for my next payment wich was just 4 days after he was born.
  • Jumping on your post abit but does anyone know if i have to inform them that i'm now working? i only work 8 hours a week and when i spoke to them on the phone, they said when you get a job of 16 hours or more let us know! but when i do the online assessment it says i'm not entitled to as much as i am actually getting now that i work!! i don't understand, apparently when your on income support you can work under 16 hours without it affecting your benefits!
    Don't want to be a benefit cheat-i'm a good girl!! LOL

  • Samantha - I think I'd tell them because IF it affects your claim then you don't want to find out in April when they do the annual check you've been paid wrong and have to sort it then. Would suck if they reduced your entitlement by more than what you earn!!
  • Just done the test as if i worked 16 hours a week and it has come up with the same amount as if i was doing 8!!! so stupid, how do they work this out!! best to give em a ring better to make sure!
  • i havn't got ine back either - keep thinking that I must phone them. They back pay it up to 3 months but as my lo is now nearly 5 months I will be missing out on some of it! I sent it off when she was about 3 months I think.
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