baby p justice march

I just thought I'd post this as a friend emailed this to me. Apparently there is going to be a justice march taking place on 13th December at 11am in Parliament Square, London. Also apparently they are requesting people to release blue balloons at 3 pm all over England.

I don't know if anyone would want to participate, but I know it has upset a lot of people so, well anyway if you'd like more info email me and I'll send it.


  • Dont know your email hon but is the balloon releasing being done on the same day at 3pm?

  • Hello, yes the balloons are being released at 3 pm on the 13th of December,

    Also I found biodegradable balloons in Asda, 6 for a pound, which might be a good alternative to the rubber/latex kind.

  • hi...what a good idea. They should light a candle on the evening in every house who is disgusted by what happened. When the shootings in Dunblane took place they asked you to put a lighted candle on your windowsill on certain night. It just seemed nice thing to do to show support for the families and the children who died.
    I hve been thinking about what i could do. I live in Bahrain so cant get to UK for march BUT i am not sending fancy expensive Xmas cards and I am only sending to close family and friends. I will then donate the money i save to the NSPCC to hopefully save this happening to another poor little mite. My heart aches to think what he went through and my stomach lurches. Poor little love!

    d xx
  • i will defo do it and if im in London I'll do the march too.
  • Yeah, i'll be there for sure. I live in Harringey and last night text messages were going round everyone with the mother' and boyfriends name and where they lived so everyone round of here knows who they are now which is justice i think. I won't write the names on here though although its tempting!! Can't believe they are getting annoynimity(sp) after what they did but at least the public are doing their best to name and shame them. A little victory for baby P x
  • I live in Manchester and got that text message too!

    There are also all sorts of groups on facebook, etc naming and shaming them!

    I cannot read what they put the poor baby through as I start crying but just from the odd picture I have caught a glimpse of there is no way they should be "awarded" annonymity!

    Lets hope this sort of tradgedy NEVER happens again but didn't we all think that after the little baby Climbie case?

  • i think i will be releasing the blue ballon, i would march but i live in north yorkshire and won't be able to get down.

    Alex Evie xxx
  • it is true. baby Ps mum is called tracey connolly. the boyfriend is called steven barker and the lodger is jason owens who is barkers half brother. tracey had 3 girls and baby peter she has since given birth to a fifth child in prison a baby girl, which was placed in immediate care of social services.HOWEVER she has launched legal proccedings against the council to win access to the new baby.

    she has a webpage which you must register to read
    you can post appropriate messages.

    she is locked up in holloway prison. and her sick boyriend is in pentonville.
    owens was removed from brixton for his own safety.
    tracey has joked to prison staff that its like butlins inside. well now her identity has been established i doubtif it will remain a holiday camp

    facebook have a few groups that are giving info about her too but please check out her blog, her comments will make you sick
  • I live in Cambridgeshire and I have has the text messages too, I personally think the lodger should have not been moved from the prison for his own safety, the prison warders should have let him get his head kicked in, he deserves it, hopefully now their identity has been established they will recieve the same sort of treatment as they dished out to that poor beautiful boy, then they can rot in hell like they deserve, they are scum.
  • I have seen(and been invited)to join various FB groups naming Baby Peters cruel and downright evil tormenters,i agree now people know who they are etc i hope they get some of the treatment they deserve!
    If i lived nearer to London and i would love to attend the march..its all alittle to late for poor Baby Peter,but i need to feel like im doing something for him,so setting off a blue balloon is something i will do!also think it would be a lovely idea if people burned a candle in their windows on a certain night!it would bring a tear to my eye seeing all the candles in everyones windows!
    I just hope the poor excuse for a mother,boyfr and step brother get whats coming to them!languishing in jail isnt what they deserve!!!
    I also hope her other children can move forwards and forget this terrible woman ever lived!x
  • Hello
    What I am going to say on here will puzzle and possibley upset some people on here.

    Please don't forget what ever happend to Baby P He still loved his parents. If he were still here he would proberbly be upset by some of the things said on here about his parent and gardian (me included). I am not by any means defending his parent and gardian and I do hope the punshment fits the crime. I just wanted people to thank about that as there is always a flip side.

    I will also be lighting a candle for Baby P in his mamory at the time and date stated on here.

    I hope I haven't upset anyone, that wasn't my intention.

    X X X
  • I don't want to get into a big debate about it too its just so upsetting that so many chances to help him where missed.I just want the system to change for the better so that a babies needs are put first.I know a huge number of children are abused and not just this poor baby - I used to prepare court cases.I know you just can't waltz in and take a child I think everyone knows that.But this was such a number of mistakes which makes it harder to understand.

    But i think this case just brings it out to the public's atttention and I just hope that is only a good thing.
    I have so much I wish to say about this case - the what ifs and the whys.The thing I am most struggling to comprehend is how could any human being leave a child to cry all night in his cot with a broken back and please please tell my why didn't the social worker just stay for 10 more minutes on that last visit to just check on his well being.
    In the mail yesterday the collumist Alison Pearson wrote If only the front row of the local bingo hall grannies were sent round to look at P that day because they would of pinched his cheeks picked him up for a cuddle etc ... I know thats a bit hard on the s/w but I have to say I agree.

    I have also read that we shouldn't be naming them because of another court case pending - which makes sense.I really don't think its to protect them.
  • I think MLM is right about the naming thing, although it is now probably to late as the names are already in the public domain. If they are still subject to court proceedings then they cannot be named as to do so would predjudice their chances of getting a fair trial.

    Before I get lynched for that I don't mean that I think they deserve to get away with what they have done but it is a corner stone of our countries legal system that EVERYONE is entitled to a trial in front of an impartial jury. It's not to protect them it is just the way our system works. When sentancing has been passed in all the cases then the will be formally named.
  • The lodger may not have any cases pending so he can be named xx
  • I would guess because there are no other cases against him waiting to be brought before a jury. If he has stood trial for everything he was charged with then there is no need for the annonimity. Have the other two maybe been charged with something else that he hasn't?
  • Joanne and brood I take it by your responces your are a SW or simular??

    I hadn't actually really throught about it in that way. I have stated on here (or which ever fourm it was) that all health care professions and sw should have been sacked and now reading your posts I think I have changed my mind and take it back. I have not signed anything. I do not read what is in the papers as it does upset me and not all printed is true. I will now wait till offical information from the trial is realised.

    I also think the justice system is pretty fair as people do tent to forget that it also has to protect the innocent as well as the guilty and no matter what rules the jury have to follow they are still human and what the general public say will effect there judgement, after all they are only human.

    All this is my opinion and I am not expecting people to agree and my intention is not to side with with anyone or be drawn into a debate I may feel guilty about (as there seems to be alot of people feeling they have to apologise for things they have written on here and other forums)

    Please let this little boy lay in rest. He does not deserve anymore then he has gone through and his memory is going to go through.

    Take care to all
    X X X
  • Katie, I agree. We hear far too much about some cases while the rest of them go un-noticed. Although I wonder if you mean Shannon Matthews? That's all over the papers because it was her mother that had hidden her and then tried to pretend that she had been kidnapped so that she could profit from the money collected to help the search.
  • Hi Emmalou
    In relation to your question about all the trials being over I have heard that they have other cases against them about other charges.Their were 3 other children in that house or it could be a totally different matter that couldn't be dealt with at the same time.That makes sense as if the names are published (I know everyone knows them now anyway) then the jury would know that they have previous convictions and the defence would be able to argue that they would not get a fair trial.It would be awful if they got off with something because of it.
  • I totally agree with Joanne, it's the system that needs changing. We need more social workers not less! And better procedures to help protect kids. The social workers had actually tried to get baby P removed from his 'mother' but were overruled by their bosses.

    I think this has been turned into a media frenzy, and what has happened is horrific, but the newspapers have been going over and over the details of his injuries almost revelling in the gruesomeness of it all. I think that that is wrong.

    And as others have mentioned there are so many kids going missing and being abused, and their stories never get told.

  • I completely agree with joanne, I used to work for a government departmane (nothing to do with sw) and the amount of cost cutting and targets we had were shocking, we used to have around 90 people which within 4 years was reduced to about 25, same work load and higher targets, so the quality of work was not so good, and no one doing the job was happy with the service we were providing, all the government care about is getting the targets met and the ticks in boxes, the social worker was not the one who killed that poor baby, it was the evil scum he had the misfortune to live with. They tried to have him taken into care but it was refused. The sad fact is, that even if that sw had noticed things were amiss on that day when she visited, she still didnot have the power to remove him from the house so he would have been murdered any way in the time it took to get the court order to remove him.

    Lessons need to be learnt and the system needs to change, turning it into a witch hunt is not going to solve anything.
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